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If I open help for pdsolve/numeric in Maple14 I can read

PDEsys - single or set or list of time-dependent partial differential equations in two independent variables


How can I solve numerical PDE system with more than two variable? If I try it, I get error message


Error, (in pdsolve/numeric/process_PDEs) can only numerically solve PDE with two independent variables, got {r, t, t0}

I use Maple 12.02 on Windows XP

I try to use evalhf function to improve performance.

I want perform numerical calculation for matrices.

My example is:

M1 := (x) -> <<x^2|x>,<1|x>>;


| x^2 x |
| 1   x |
| 0.01 0.1 |
| 1    0.1 |


| 0.01 0.1 |
| 1    0.1 |


Error, unable to evaluate built-in function `member` in evalhf

I use Maple 11 on Windows XP. I try to use it on Windows XP and 2 processors computer, but maple use only one processor for calculation, second processor was not used by mapleserver.exe.

Can I tell Maple force using 2 processors for one calculation task (for example plotting very complicated function)?

I use Maple 11 on windows (Processor Intel Centrino 1.4 Ghz and 512 Mb RAM).

I have problem with plotting of my function. Time of ploting is about 30-40 seconds. I try to use evalhf in different way for my function, but get different errors. My problem is that function in example is the most simple case in my physics model. It is ideal case, but in other not ideal case time of plotting increasing to 200 or 300 seconds. It's very dramatically for me :(

My example is:

I try to calculate integral from complicated function (contain sqrt from complex varianles, Imaganary and real part, Matrix and so on).

When I exec command

evalf(Int(f(z), z=0.0..0.1));

it works correct

When i try to increase limits on integral, i have error

evalf(Int(f(z), z=0.0..0.2));

Error, (in signum/main) too many levels of recursion


I use Maple on Windows, May be it hardware limit?

command kernelopts returns

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