MaplePrimes is moderated by staff from Maplesoft as well as a selected group of long-time MaplePrimes users with a reputation for positive contributions.

MaplePrimes’ moderator guidelines are as follows:

Content that can be deleted immediately

The MaplePrimes Community Guidelines page provides a set of definitions for what content is acceptable within MaplePrimes. If content is posted that does not adhere to the guidelines, it can be deleted. For example, if you see commercial spam or something obviously offensive, please delete it.

Content that should not get deleted

We have always encouraged any and all discussions, so long as it is related to our products, our industry, or a related technical discipline. This occasionally means that messages are posted that are negative towards Maplesoft or our products, or are discussing the merits of a competitive product. Unless the thread starts turning offensive or violates our Community Guidelines, they should not be removed.

Edit message format or spelling mistakes

If you spot a message that is formatted poorly (e.g., bad HTML) or contains spelling mistakes, it can be edited. While this is possible and contributes to the overall quality of the forums, please be *very* careful when editing someone’s message. It is very easy to change the context of a post with a misplaced keypress, and we do not want the context of another member’s post being changed.

In general, try to avoid making spelling or grammar changes unless they are particularly egregious, but feel free to edit message formatting if it messes up the display of the page.

Editing your own posts

Having editorial control includes being able to edit your own messages as well. Please make sure that you are only editing for typos or formatting and are not changing the context of the original post, especially if it has been replied to.

Making decisions in the grey zone

Reacting to a member who isn’t specifically violating the MaplePrimes Community Guidelines, but is heading in that direction, can be a tough call - especially if they are a long time member with a history of positive contributions. In cases like these, we strongly encourage using the Private Moderator’s Forum to discuss or to send a message to one of the site admins (Bryon Thur).

Engaged in a debate?

You have each been chosen as moderators in part because of your long history of being engaged with other users within the forums, and we encourage that to continue. If you happen to get caught in a debate with someone that ultimately leads (or is leading) to some sort of moderation action, please engage another member of the Moderator’s team or a MaplePrimes admin to make the call.

Communicating with members after a change

In the event that you edit or remove a post from another user, it is general courtesy to send a quick private message that indicates the scope of the change, and the reasoning behind the change.