This is a follow-up to a rather old posting about maple.vim.  There is now a maplevim project on google code to helpfully get the community to work on upgrading maple.vim a bit more frequently. 

Right now there is a shipping version of maple.vim checked-in, as well as a set of 'pieces' (in the pieces sub-directory) which contain files for some of the (old!!!) packages.  The first thing to do would be to create a (Maple) script which dumps out a foo.vim file for each package foo [Maple has nice introspection tools that make this a rather fun exercise].  Then another script to take a skeleton maple.vim and add to it all the foo.vim files for all the packages.  This is a lot more modular, and should be more maintainable.  This way it should be easy to update maple.vim for each new release.

The next thing to do would be to start actually improving the code -- vim syntax files have changed a fair bit in structure over the years, and this one has not kept up.  Once that's done, making improvements and adding new features should be a lot easier.  For one thing, Maple's grammar has evolved, and this is not reflected in the current file.

I welcome everyone's help - I have been meaning to upgrade maple.vim for a while, but somehow never got around to it.  Instead of continuing to be the bottleneck, I figured I would take the time to throw things up on a decent code hosting service, and open source the effort.  Anyone who wants to help is very welcome.  I believe I might have to manually 'add' you to the project [I'm still figuring out the details of that], but I'll do that for anyone who asks.

Final note: the idea of splitting maple.vim into pieces was Alejandro Jakubi's; he is also the one who gave me the initial split of files which I've put up on google code.

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