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 It seems I can't add a response to this message, so I added some detail to it.

Consider f, the partial sums of the convergent series related to




 The first few convergents from the continued fraction expansion of the MRB constant are 0,1/5,3/16,31/165,34/181 and 65/346. If you were to use those convergents as terms of a generalized continued fraction, it would represent, approximately,




 The best definition for the MRB constant that I know of is found at


Up until...

I'm posting here because between the time I started writing and the time I wanted to post my answer, the question is no longer available (may be a network problem, a withdrawn question, don't know)


The first problem is that you write ASAP in the title of your question, very uncool.

Another problem is that you use "else if" instead of elif, with "else if" you need one "end if" for each if but with elif you only need one "end if" to close the...

I just got a smartphone, amazing. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a mapleprimes app to conveniently view and post messages from a smartphone or a smartpad or whatever? Any plans to set one up? (I'm on the android platform)

The other suggestion/question I have is: any plans (by Maple or others) to make a Maple calculator widget? I'm currently using RealCalc, which is great, but it  doesn't have the advanced term-grouping capabilities of the Maple calculator.

While doing some Maple plotting I found myself asking why a high-end scientific computation application like Maple, which is capable of essentially very high ("arbitrary") precision floating-point computation, sometimes makes only crude use of hardware precision plot drivers. I looked around a bit, and found that and related issues are not restricted to Maple.

Let's look first at Maxima. Here's my first example, in Maxima (not Maple) syntax,

For the last few days I have been getting as many a 4 email notifications for a single update to a thread in which I am participating.

since i can't find the answer in F.A.Q or by searching so i started this thread on my curiosity on BLOGGING ...

i want to know is there anyway that common members can promote to a degree that allow them become a BLOG Contributor in mapleprimes ?

what are Qualifications and Requirements ?


thanks a lot for your guides and comments !

just a comment in passing, for the record,

it appears that the numpoints plot option can be used this way:


but not in the simpler form:


that's because 1e+4 is "1000." with a dot while round(1e+4) is "1000" with no dot.

There probably are good reasons why 1e+4 is not treated as a natural number, but I haven't investigated them.

Maple uses the LGPL licensed GMP as a support library for doing large integer and high precision float computations. There exists is a later version of GMP than was bundled and shipped in Maple 14.x. A natural question is whether it would improve Maple's performance. Another question is whether it can be used within Maple 14.

I am unable to access the Constrained Optimization file from Maplesoft application center 

Attempting to download file is not working.  What happened to it?  Can it be fixed?



I will use this post for a list of conclusions drawn from MRB constant N and the many similar approximations that I have found. 

Let x= MRB Constant.   Each approximation is followed by a maple input so you can verify these approximations. 

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