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for pictures like this i'd like to have an arc tool in the drawing part of Maple. One that lets me create a cleaner  arc around the angle u. Here I used the pencil tool instead.



I am using the Physics package of Maple 12 to do some research. The main objects I am using are spacetime tensors. However it seems the Simplify command need to be improved. Here are some limitations of this command:

In a previous post  I asked what happend to the Casio PDA that could run a special version of Maple V, as I am interested in purchasing "something" that would provided symbolic capability in a portable format. As it appears that this particular Maple project died a horrible death, I am still searching for this particular mathematical nervana. One possibility is to use a netbook with Maple V, or a CAS calculator such as the HP 50g or the TI voyager. So I am interested hearing of anyones experiences/recommendations with any of these devices.

Is there a reason that there are not dates in the Maple 12 File Open dialog box window.  There seems to be headers for "Name", "Size" and "Modified" but on my computer, the file type is contained in this "Modified" column instead of the file modified or creation date.


I wonder what virtue there would be in an "assistant" in the Standard GUI to show and allow control of the interface settings.

In the absence of a built-in assistant (or tab in the Tools->Options panels) I wonder whether a simple Maplet would serve.


This is a follow-up to an earlier post about CovarianceMatrix.

There are several ways in which Statistics:-CorrelationMatrix can be improved.

CorrelationMatrix shares some inefficiencies with CovarianceMatrix, by computing correlations between the n columns, pairwise. But in doing so it also computes...

Maple's package DiscreteTransforms is a bit skinny, I miss various ones like discrete cosine transforms (at least the most 4 types), sine transform, Hartley transform, z-transform and may be the fractional Fourier transform or symmetric FTs (not sure for the whole herd).

It should be available, if Maple wants to be a numerical tool for technical users (all kinds of engineering I would say): it would not make sense for them to use other libraries, compile and finally combine with Maple, because it does not have it.

Some years ago, before the advent of the Statistics package, a colleague asked for a fast way to generate thousands of normally distributed random numbers in Maple. The suggestion that worked quickest and most easily (using existing, simple Maple Library routines) was to generate random deviates using the usual formula associated with the distribution. But the key was to replace the scalar values (representing the uniformly distributed input) with a whole Matrix of input values....


I have two suggestions how the developers of Maple could improve the software


1) Improved  capabilities for algebra.

Currently it is difficult to do mathematical manipulation (sometime even simple stuff) with Maple.

In a perfect world I could just right click on an expression and then get all the possible permutations of that expression.

I usually dont use Maple when it comes to manipulating algebraic expressions because I usually end up getting angry.


2) Loop protection

If you have a single variable polynomial you must specify the variable in the sort command when using the ascending and descending option.  Ascending or descending will not work without it.  It's obvious you need to express it with more than one variable but for single variables it should not be needed.

As a simple example.   b:=x+x^3+x^2;

Sort(b)  gives x^3+x^2+x and sort(b,ascending) gives the same answer as does Sort(b,descending)

Every now and then someone will post here on Mapleprimes and the code will use an older package such as linalg or stats. Quite often it is clear that the poster is new to Maple. Yet these packages have been superceded with new ones, eg. LinearAlgebra and Statistics.

One obvious question that then arises is: how did this user decide to use the older package?

I just did a google search on

It would be nice to have all the collections of applications on the maplesoft application site on a single dvd or cd.  And every 6 months or so make available the newest added ones. 

What single change in Maple would you want more than any other?

Maybe it's an enhancement, or a functionality change, or a bug fix.

Maple gives different error messages to the same input depending on whether the input is done with Maple notation or 2D Math Input.

My example is to enter the following erroneous input in both Maple notation and 1D math notation:

plot( sin(x, x=0..1 );

Clearly this is missing a right parenthesis after the first x.

Here is how this section of my worksheet copies into MaplePrimes:

Maple's Standard GUI has context-sensitive menus. Those are the menus that appear when one right-clicks on a output (or input, in a Dcoument).

Those context-menus can be customized.

Below is an example which adds a new submenu. The new submenu is populated automatically according to the types of thing found within the object itself.

It's an alternative to a menu-item that already exists, which shows up as "Help on Command". But that existing item only...

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