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It appears this has come up quite a number of times (I have even wished this option existed for some of my worksheets).

There is no option to set the pixel size of a window for the plot as an option.  You must use your cursor to adjust the size of your window.  Even globally set the window size as I believe someone has mentioned before would also be a nice addition.


Two corners have been drawn differently.  Shouldn't it be symmetric?  This appears to be a bug

Here's one view showing the sides cut away

and the other view of the other corners, rotated 90 degrees, to show what it should look like.

This is a view I would expect to see all around however the corner in the forefront and the one you can't see have been cut away as I've shown in the rotated view above.

Recently I have had a chance to use the parameter feature of the numeric dsolve. It's pretty nice, but appears to have some limitations - or maybe I just need a little help to further refine my use of this feature.

Here's an example to demonstrate what I'm encountering.

Let's start with a simple IVP with a parameter in the ODE and in the IC:

ode := diff(x(t),t)=x(t)*(A-x(t)):
ic := x(0)=x0:
sol := dsolve( {ode,ic}, x(t), numeric, parameters=[A,x0] ):

To specify values of the parameters, I do something like:

Maple T.A. 6 has released and I am very interested in integration with Moodle. However, I wonder why Mac OS X is not supported for Maple T.A. server. I strongly request compatibility of Maple T.A. with Mac OS X in the near future.

Zooming in on plots is rather annoying.  Always zooming and then having to pan the plot back into view.

Rather it would be much nicer to zoom in on a plot from the position of the pointer and not from the center of the plot.

Maybe this should go under the Maple15 wish list?

A menu box that displays a list of currently defined values made by the user and any attributes the user may have assigned to them. 

Just a minor opinion. 

The tip of the day flyout box for Maple 9.5 was the most pleasing to the eye.  Large bold font on a simple splash background.  It's format was more aesthetically pleasing than the current one. 

I read them every now and then, but I don't turn the option off, I've learned some interesting things I would not have known otherwise. 

Just off the top of my head, what about animation tip of the days too?

The ability to edit or change the splash screen for Maple would be a cool feature. 

If not, how about a contest for new maple releases, people could submit their own splash screen design and maybe win a maplesoft T-shirt or ultimately Maple itself? 

If you highlight words that are above or below one another on an adjacent line, the highlighting does not highlight properly. 

How about selling a T-shirt to publicize Maple?  Many other software companies do so.  If you do not want to get in this business, how about designing an "official" graphic that a user could download and hand off to one of the many custom T-shirt companies on the web. Such a high-res graphic/image could even be included with your product.  As an enthusiastic Maple user, I'd like to spread the word!

This is a suggestion designed to make it easier for newbies to use Maple.


 > solve(f=0,x,x=-1..1);
 Error, (in solve) invalid arguments

could be instead:

I realize this is far from a new suggestion. Earlier discussions may be found here and there (see some links below). 

Has anyone yet produced a no-frills version of maple2latex? My main interest is in creating tables and matrices from Maple input, possibly containing symbols. Here is the wishlist:

a simple maple2latex that (1) does not insert unwanted ornaments such as font control, and perhaps (2) inserts line breaks and space where one usually finds them in LaTeX code. An example here:

I'll implement Jacques' suggestion that the discussion about parsers should be in a separate topic.

pull up the context when we writing at the end of page.


When at the end of the page,the context we see is at the bottom of the screen,and I've always enter some "Enter" to get more blank area at the bottom for a good view of my context.


Anyone agree the suggestion?

Or how to reach the purpose,for my possible ignorance of ready-made features

I seems that Maple doesn't know anything about the convexity of functions.

It would be nice to have a command to check the convexity of (real) functions in Maple, also Maple should have knowledge on the convexity of known functions: for example: constant function, linear function , abs,  sin  (convex on a specific region) etc.
To deal with the calculus of convex functions: for example Maple should know such theorems: if f(x) and g(x) are convex functions and g(x) is non-decreasing then g(f(x)) is convex, etc.


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