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With expression palette for multivariable calculus in Maple entering multivariable calculations wll be very easy such as double and triple integrals, line and surface integrals. No other program such as Mathematica or Matlab have this, why Maple don't be first who has this option.

Sorry for my english it's not my mother language.


Best wishes

Aleksandar, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

The NullSpace help page in online help uses {{...}} for sets instead of {...}. I didn't check other pages with help examples containing sets.

Just looked at the RowSpace (and ColumnSpace) online help pages. They contain [[...]] instead of [...].

I have  suggestion for people who make maplesim. In this version in MapleSim
2.0 it's not posible to enter piecewise function in Signal
Blocks-Sources-Real-Real Expression component. It will be wonderfull If you
make this avalible.

Hi all,

There are a few useful commands in the MmaTranslator:-Mma. The help pages are rather confusing and don't seem to provide enough examples though. For example, take a look at the WriteString help page.

The calling sequence is WriteString(arguments) - and the Parameters section says that "arguments - Maple translation of the Mathematica command arguments", which assumes that the user knows the Mathematica arguments of that command.

From a Maple help page

What do you think of the -1^n with no parentheses?

I just entered an equation, theta := pi/4. Maple returned 1/4 pi. I know that's the same, but not the way I'd expect to see it. In Mathcad, I can put anything I want (OK, no ice cream flavors ;-) ) to the right of the result, and the result is then re-displayed in those units. It isn't without a few peculiarities of its own, but I'd like to see pi/4, not 1/4 pi.


I have to keep moving my hands to the arrow keys to move in the numeric fields. For example, suppose that I am in the exponent and I want to drop down for the next operation. My hands are already on the space bar, and it is natural to want to use my thumbs. I understand that this might mean that I couldn't use space for implicit multiplication, but I don't want to use that nearly as often as I want to move in the numeric field, and I am most likely to use hard coded multiply anyway. Erring on the side of caution and all that.


Well so far i liked maple, it's all fine! But when i load a proc with some char's like \n, whitch is linefeed - and i need that. it loads as being \134n!

Is there anything i can do to prevent this?

I miss some familiar features from the classicalö worksheet in the standard worksheet, especially things like "find/replace" in 2D-math expressions, undo for mathematical operations.

It will be very convenient if the worksheet automatic jump to the position that the cursor is in the middle of the screen if you reach the bottom. It is very unconvenient now. If I execute some existing worksheet step by step and I reach the bottom I can only see the half of the input, or if there is a loop I only see the first line.

Sometimes I only want to see the plot with varying axes formation, for example with logarithmic scale. But I don't want to change the style really. So it will be nice if the style goes back to the old style if I click on "Cancel":

Click on the plot to "plot-axes-properties",
change something,
click: "Apply",
click: "Cancel"

=> everything is like before the changing


The startup code and the code edit regions are very nice things. Perhaps it is possible to enable import and export to and from it from and to files. And it will be nice if one can mark up some reagon in a worksheet and the choose something like "convert to code edit region" from the context menu.

Further "Find" and "Replace" in startup code and code edit regions will be very helpful.

Last not least: Perhaps it is possible to convert the startup code and the code edit region in 2D-math formation?

Even Maple 13 does not recognize Excel 2007 files (*.xlsx).

Excel 2007 files can be saved as Exel 2000 files before using the Import Data Assistant but I think it is not up to date to do so.

I've been using Maple 12 on a Mac for a few months and came up with some suggestions:

(1) make it possible to add one's own symbol combinations to the Favorites palette

(2) allow symbols in the Favorites palette to be re-arranged

(3) permit redefining key-bindings so the Home/End keys send the cursor to the beginning/end of the current line, as on the PC (and in this posting box), etc.

(4) have keyboard equivalents for basic actions, e.g. Esc for the Cancel button, Cmd-[ or equiv. for the PreviousPage button, etc.

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