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I use indices of Table


but it return 3,6

how to keep [3,3,3,6,6]?

any other method for indices?

any non hash table which map value to value?

It is necessary that the expressions are combined in a new function. So as I'm trying not is obtained.

restart; x := 5; y := 10; f := proc (x, y) options operator, arrow; x+y end proc; f2 := proc (x, y) options operator, arrow; x^2+y^3 end proc; f3 := proc (x, y) options operator, arrow; f+f2 end proc; f3(x, y)





proc (x, y) options operator, arrow; x+y end proc


proc (x, y) options operator, arrow; x^2+y^3 end proc


proc (x, y) options operator, arrow; f+f2 end proc







Hello everyone,

Even using the command "discont=true", some of the functions I plot still present discontinuities, but some of them do not present.

How can I fix this? This one file ilustrates perfectly the problem.

I have a similar matrix.

Build through matrixplot, not exactly what I need to get. I need a way to plot without zero values on the graph.

I want to plot all three "roots" of the polynom I called 'H[i]' for different values of 'V', in the interval k=0.0..1.0, all in the same plot.

How can I do it, both for real and imaginary parts of H[i]?

Thanks for your help.

the function rationalize simplify rational expression that contains complicated expression but in this example it doesn't work



it gives to me the same expression why ?


how to find back the system which solution is maxwell equations?

as maxwell equations is an invariant, 

if solution is maxwell which is invariant, how to find back the system which solve it, the solution is maxwell?

will there a multiple systems which solution is maxwell equations?

if can not find, how to enumerate all combinations of systems to search maxwell equations?

can anyone explain to me the  meaning of this result ?

Hello guys, I'm a new user of Maple and I'd love some help.

I'm trying to solve a cubic equation with four variables, and plot the imaginary part of 'w' as a function of 'x' for different values of 'y' and 'z'. When I ask for all the equation roots, the result is huge.

I want to know if there's an "easier" way to select each root of the equation and make it a function without having to "select element" and copy/paste, because I've tried this way and it's not working.

I know this is a stupid question, but I could really use some help.

Thanks for your time!


I am trying to solve a linear system involving large number of equations with constant coefficients using Solve command from the LinearAlgebra package. The maple program is giving solutions for a smaller number of equations (T=10,Ne=20,Ng=15). But if I increase the number of equations to (T=20,Ne=30, Ng=25), then I got the error kernel connection has been lost. I need to increase the number of equations beyond this also. Any help to simplify the code or finding errors is appreciated.

can maple do a real time update graph by for loop read file data?

i can only think that use for loop and read file and draw a sequence of graph,

but memory will be accumulated to consume

just want to make a dashboard to display a multiple of graphs

would like to point to graph then it highlight graph with virtical line

and mark 1 in one of row in one of column in table like data 

just like define feature manually for machine learning but using graph






no matter what e is , expect to output the same 0.733333


chosen1 := [[1,2],[1,20],[3,4]]:
chosen2 := [[2,3],[20,3],[3,4]]:
chosen3 := [[3,4],[5,7]]:
chosen4 := [[4,5],[5,6]]:
chosen5 := [[5,6],[7,9]]:
hashtable can not work 
for example
[1,2]'s 2 as key to find 3 in chosen2 [2,3] then use 3 to find 4 in [3,4] then use 4 to find 5 in [4,5]

[[1,2],[5,7]]intersect [[1,2]]

return [1,2]

there is error when run this.

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