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Is there a function to convert recurrence equation to a system of equations?

according to this link, how to parse or walk through the algorithm in maple to generate recurrence relation formula?

How to remove all punctuation marks in a string read from a text file 

and then store in a list of words according to the ordering of the original text?

i find this example

how to write piano note A and B frequency music to wave file?

how to convert a function to transition matrix?

how to convert a differential system to transition matrix?


I search saveplot and sleep function here

i had kept close filename function and move plot setup default to first line

but thread no sleep in maple 12

then I remove sleep and can save image file

but after I call it in a function and run a for loop for this function

the file is not updated after sleep 3 seconds 

how to run a for loop call it and it can refresh 

Dear all

I have a fourth-order PDEs, with some boundary condition, I would like to compute an explicit solution or plot the solution in the interval [0,2]


 Dear all

Is there a nice idea to determine the Lyapunov function of the following system

Some parameters used in the code:

b fixed parameter

a any parameter in R

Many thanks for your help



If I know the direction of up and down

how to control normal distribution to fill in missing data to the direction I want in maple?

just like fill in missing pixel in bitmap file.

Hi all;

I need to compute the stabilizing feedback for the system of nonlinear ODEs


Many thanks for your help

Second terms coefficient = 2/3*x when (....)^2

9/16*x^2 when (...)^3

64/125*x^3 when (...)^4


Which Bernstein has these result?

Which limit function of x^n = (n^(n-1))/((n+1)^(n-1))*x^(n-1)?

how to find and calculate?



Variable disappear after read file and then pass parameter to create thread


How to read and write video file in maple?

i want to read one video file and then manipulate this to another file and then play two files to compare in maple

if maple 12 can not , which version can do?

How i convert the following mathematica code to Maple

f1[t^m_] := Gamma [m + 1] t^(m - a[t]) /Gamma[m + 1 + a[t]];
f1[t] := Gamma [2] t^(1 - a[t]) /Gamma[2 + a[t]];

f1[p_Plus] := Map[f1, p]
f1[c_*f_] := c*f1[f] /; FreeQ[c, t]
f1[c_] := 0 /; FreeQ[c, t]

f1[x^2*t^2 + t + x]


t^(1 - a[t])/Gamma[2 + a[t]] + (2 t^(2 - a[t]) x^2)/Gamma[3 + a[t]]

Plot([x^2, subs(x=0, 2*x)], axis[1]=[color=white]);

can not find the y=0 this red line

how to plot y=x^2 and x = 0 on the same graph to show the slope at x=0 ?

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