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I draw multiple graphs in singal coordinate with same line style. I don't know how to change the line style and color for g[1], g[2] and g[3] becuase of loop. Please some fix my problem to give them different style and color.

Dear all!

I am facing problem to find the solution of system of linear equations as attached for different values of alpha, please the see the attachment and fix my problem

Thanks in advance

Anybody know how to compute coding for eigenvalues for basic reproduction number using the next generation matrix?

I dont know how to compute coding for eigenvalues.

Dear all!

Hope everyone is fine with everything! I want to simplify the following expression

diff(u(y, t), t) = (A^2/nu)^(1/3)*nu*(diff(u(y, t), y, y))/(A/nu^2)^(2/3)-(A^2/nu)^(1/3)*sigma*B^2*u(y, t)/rho+(A^2/nu)^(1/3)*g*beta*q2[w]*sqrt(nu^2/A)*T(y, t)/((nu*A)^(1/3)*k)+(A^2/nu)^(1/3)*g*beta*T[infinity]/(nu*A)^(1/3)-(A^2/nu)^(1/3)*g*beta*V[infinity]/(nu*A)^(1/3)+(A^2/nu)^(1/3)*g*beta1*C(y, t)/(nu*A)^(1/3)-(A^2/nu)^(1/3)*g*beta1*C[infinity]/(nu*A)^(1/3)

I above the red terms need to simplify i.e., we can add the power of A, nu etc. But maple can't do that please fix my problem. For more detail I attach my maple file.



Hope you all are fine. I am stuck to find the integration in the attachment. Please see that put your valuable suggestion to fix my problem. Thanks in advance

Dear all!

Hope everything going fine. I want to transfrom the derivative diff(u, y) into diff(U, Y) as disscussed in attached file. Please see the attachment and fix the problem. Thanks in advance

How can i find the smallest n such that

using maple 2015?

I've tried using the solve command however this doesnt return a numerical value, any help would be great :)

the final value of an equation is displayed in the form of combination of many values like following


I prefer to display it identically just an absolute value like 5.66

please help me how do that

Question:I've defined wave, but it's after that it gets sticky. This is my attempt:As you can see, not very fruitful. I have tried wave(x=-infinity..infinity, t=-infinity, infinity) which returns an error. 

When i sub in wave(1,1) i get an answer, or any other number for that matter, but I'm not sure how to actually aswer this question. 

Any and all help appreciated

Thank you

Question: You will observe that the two curves intersect at one or more places in the displayed region. Use fsolve to find the (x; y) coordinates of all the points of intersection in this region.

In theory this question has a very simple answer, but i am struggling no end finding it. 

P1 := y^2 = x^3+x^2

P2 := y = 2*x+1

This is what the graph looks like when plotted, and as we have already got the two equasions assigned as H and J, i just type in fsolve({P1,P2})? 

Apparently not, as this returns {x = 4.048917340, y = 9.097834679}, which is correct, but is only one of three points of intersection, and just so happens to be the one not shown in my plot (although it is still a valid point of intersection) and i need the ones within the region i have set for the graph (x=-1..2 and y=-1..1).

How do i get maple to show me the two points of intersection i need using the fsolve command? 

I've tried rearranging the equasions for y, rearranging for x, adding an option to solve for x [fsolve({P1,P2},x) but this returned an error] and am pretty stumped. For something so seemingly simple i dont really know where to turn.

Thank you :)

When i input: i get returned.and with this i have no idea what im supposed to do. I dont understand what it means, how to correct it or how to actually answer the question using the information. 

This is what i am returned with when i try to input a sequence using my previous result.


Could someone please put me on the right tracks and help me with this problem?


Thank you

Helo dearz!

I want to find the inverse laplace transfrom (numerically) of the attached file of solution u and v for any values of M. I am waiting for your positive response.


Could you please help me in solving this problem ?

  • N is the number of row, about 10^4 in real applications
  • P is the number of columns (about 5)
  • A and B are two NxP matrices
  • C is the Nx(2P) matrix defined by
    • its 2*k-1 th column is the k th column of A
    • its 2*k th column is the k th column of B

What is the fastest and less memory consumming way to construct this matrix C ?

Thanks in advance



كيفية حل مشكلة فوات (إنفينتي)

Hello dear!

Hope everyone is fine. I want to solve the system of algebraic equations. The answer of c[i]'s should be in term of q. Please see the attachment and fix the problem for any value of M. I am waiting your positive response. Thanks in advance.

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