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Hi all, I would be most grateful if I could get some help with solving the tasks below using Maple.

Given the function: mx''(t)+cx'(t)+kx(t)= F_y(t)

  1. Rewrite the equation above to a system of 1. order differential equations, by defining the two variables x_1(t) = x(t) and x_2(t)=x'(t) (Hint what is x'(t)?) This gives the first differential equation in the system. What is x_2'(t)?
  2. Write the equations as a linear system when the outer force F_y(t) is the influence and the position x_1(t) is the answer, in other words give the system matrix A and the vectors b and r.
  3. I'm given the constants m = 5kg, c = 3Ns/m and k = 20 N/m and I'm trying to find the transfer function of the system.
  4. Give the systems transfer function H(s) and draw the graphs for the amplitude and phase characteristic.

Thank you!



hye, can someone help me to solve nonlinear schrodinger equation using maple? i attach with document




İİİ) R(X,Y)Z = D DZ - DDZ - D[X,Y] Z

How to change the numbers shown in the diagram shapes from y=0.5- to rigth form








I'm using the differential operator D to differentiate variables and look at the structure of the equations, i.e. turn things like

D[1]u-vt+v^2=0 into


However, it is assumed that this is a commutative operator, i.e. D[1,2]=D[2,1]. Can I use an option to have it not commute, or should I look into using the DETools package?




 I created my own costum package and I want to edit this package: insert procedures or modules. Is there a way?

Thank you.

Hi all. I have two questions about polynomials over Q.

i) Let f,g be polynomials over Q. How to show (with Maple) that the decomposition field of f is included in the decomposition field of g?

ii) Let f be a polynomial of degree n  over Q with Galois group C_n, the cyclic group of order n. Then, there is a polynomial P with coefficients in Q, of degree n-1, s.t. the iteration: u0=some root of f, u_{k+1}=P(u_k) gives all the roots of f; how to find P (with Maple)?

Thanks in advance.

Hello everybody,

I am quiet new to Maple and just have to program a small tool.

I need to show a conculison in a pop-up Window which should contain a matrix and a plot.

I tried different ways but they didn't work.

Thanks in advance

Dear all

I want to solve a set of parametric inequalities with constraints but it takes too much time to processing. do you know any faster solution? 
thanks in advance

I just noticed something funny. If I use the left side tool of Maple to define a matrix with zero entries and then change some entries and take determinant, then Maple treats zeros as symbold!!!! If I have to define my matrix completely myself, then what is the use of this tool?

How to do a full reinstall so that no settings are kept?

I tried deleting the maple 2017 folder in program files after I uninstalled but that did not help.

When I right-click on a Matrix, the cursor rotates, but the context menu does not open at all (in Maple 2017, in document mode, in Win 10).
Any suggestions - Anyone else with this problem?

I have a multiple integration. I know my integrals exist. When I write procedure for Rimannian sum, Maple gives correct answers for every choice of parameters of my integral. But when I ask Maple to compute it with int(...,numeric) sometimes it shows a correct answer and sometimes it shows a wrong answer. I'm curios to know what is going wrong in Maple, is there any command to see the details and steps of the computation to see where Maple is going wrong? I also increased the number of digits after decimal from 10 to 12 and 14. But Maple just repeats the wrong answers with just two or four digits. So the problem is not related to the approximation arising from number of decimals.

I have the following pertubation problem I want to use maple to expand for me.


We have epsilon := eps;

x(t,eps):= x_{-1}(t)/eps+x_0(t)+x_1(t)*eps


I want to expand a Taylor series of the following function upto some arbitray order of eps, i.e O(eps^3) or higher (depending on my mood :-)), around t=0, f(x(t,eps),z(t,eps),cos(t/eps),sin(t/eps)).


Anyone has any suggestion how to use maple 2017.3 to do this?





I would like to do some computations with Maple using elliptic functions. The implementation in Maple wants me to provide the g2 and g3 invariants. However, what I have is the half-periods. Does Maple have a function, that calculates the invariants from the half-periods? I know I can do that myself, but I'd like to write something concise and probably the output of a built-in function will be precisely, what the other functions are looking for.

Thanks in advance

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