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The Publisher of Discrete Math by Rosen has online resources containing Maple code to use for the class. I am getting errors when I try to run the code. I'm using Maple 10.04 Build ID 233114 Does anyone see what the problem is? Here is a portion of the code: View 2816_Code for Module on MapleNet or Download 2816_Code for Module
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I'm taking Discrete Math and we are supposed to use Maple to submit assignments. It did not seem to work for many examples given on McGraw Hill's online learning center. My first concern is how to load the rosenlib given at -------------------- The Maple Supplement This book is a supplement to Ken Rosens's text Discrete Mathematics and its Applications, Fifth edition. It's entire focus is on the computational aspects of the subject. To make use of the code found in this supplement you need to make use of a special library that has been developed to supplement Maple for this book.
Does anyone know how to type theta with a double dot on top of it as a second time derivative in maple 10?
I'm trying to numerically evaluate an integral using the evalf function, but I keep ending up with just the value "Float(Undefined)". After manipulating the expression in different ways I also get other error messages stating that something or value is too large. Can someone please help with this ? thanks, (worksheet attached in this message) Dan. Download 285_casimirEENG501HW5.mws
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Ich searched a lot but solve return me an error or just don't solve it. An the linsolve package is the wrong for that use How can I solve something like this with maple: A := Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = a, (1, 2) = b, (2, 1) = c, (2, 2) = d}) E := Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = 1, (1, 2) = 0, (2, 1) = 0, (2, 2) = 1}) solve((VectorCalculus[DotProduct])(A, A) = E) brings an error A korrekt solution would be for A for Example Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = 0, (1, 2) = 1, (2, 1) = 1, (2, 2) = 0}) us rene
Hi, I would like to project the 3D surface generated from the following equation to the xy plane (2D): Itouch50 := -0.4058074876e13*sqrt(1.+h)/(sqrt(ts)*(-500000000.0*ln((625.+125.*h+25.*h^2+5.*h^3)/h)*sqrt(1.+h)+587311661.7)) where x=Itouch50 y= ts and z= h Moreover, if possible, I would like to calculate the equation of the projection or the equations giving the upper and lower side of the projection. Finally, if I had multiple equations as the initial one, would it be possible to create their accumulated projections on the same plane. I know that Im asking for too much, but any help would be extremely appreciated.
Currently I am using worksheets. Please help me how to Create and read .mpl files in Maple. Can I use worksheet for this? On using read command in worksheet to access a " .mpl" file it shows "Error, on line 1, syntax error, character `?` unexpected:" Please help me on this.
so i have the following functions in my college calc class for our maple homework assignment: f(x)=x^4 and g(x)=6^x i have to plot them and then find their point of intersection using maple. i have no problem plotting it but i cant seem to figure out how to find the intersection point. all the ways i have tried just give me a list of answers with natural log and something with the word LambertW in it. if some one could help me out i would greatly appreciate it.
I have a second-order differential equation dEq := diff(theta(t), t, t) = sin(theta(t)) i would like to find the solution of it, so soln := dsolve({dEq, theta(0) = 0, (D(theta))(0) = 0}, theta(t)) and then plot the solution, that is plot 'theta' vs. 't' but the solution contains weird charecters and I tried many examples on the net but never worked out for me. Can you guys help? thank you in advance.
Why there is no way (except I am stupidly missing something) to let
Maple convert exp(phi*I) to argument with piecewise discussing the
input (as it is explained quite nice in ?argument)?

Even assume(-Pi < phi, phi <= Pi) does not help and results in some
arctan(sin(phi),cos(phi)) and convert(%, piecewise, phi) does not
give the desired presentation.
I recently posted a worksheet to my blog. I used the feature in the MAPLE file manager which turns a worksheet into code so it can be displayed more or less the same way it looks in MAPLE. I copied this code and pasted it into the text of my post. When I did a preview I saw what I would refer to as the "blue equations" but for the equations I actually typed into the worksheet at the MAPLE prompt, I only got boxes which said "Maple equation". When I click on these boxes nothing happens. So someone would really have to open my worksheet to get any sense of what I was talking about, which was not what I intended. I don't recall running into this problem before. Maybe I am doing something different than before and just don't know it. I would appreciate any suggestions.
p >Hello. I'm still kind of new to the practice of using a computer program to manipulate equations. I knew that one way to define an ellipse is as the locus of points P such that for 2 fixed points F1 and F2 the sum PF1 + PF2 is constant. I also know that in Cartesian coordinates, we get a formula of the form Ax2 + By2 = 1. If we set up our coordinate system such that F1 and F2 are on the x axis each a distance c from the origin and the maximum width of the ellipse is 2a, let's try to figure out A and B using MAPLE.

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Hi Our university (Univ. Sao Paulo - Brazil) has license for maple 9 (not sure which release).. It can be also that the version they have is Maple 6 since there is a xmaple6 in the files (see bellow) I use in my machine Ubuntu linux, the newest version. Althoug it says it has linux support for maple, nobody was able to install it from the instructions provided from above to us, users. I will describe the situation: we get from the university a tar file containing the files root@edf:/etc/Maple/bin.IBM_INTEL_LINUX_REDHAT# ls -1 hostpatch
Hi I got an equation that I would like to find out its turning points.As you know you first have to differentiate it and then..... Here is my command on maple: y:=x->6x^2-7x-3*exp(-1/5*x); df:=diff(y(x),x); solve(%,x); and then I get 5 LambertW(-1/100 (e)^(((-7)/60)))+7/12 5 LambertW(-1,-1/100 (e)^(((-7)/60)))+7/12 as answers, I don't know if they are correct, but I do know that there must be a simpler answer than this! I was therefore wondering if you guys know how I can approach this problem differently! Thanks Chris
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