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I have a mechanics question with position given by phi = omega t theta = (1/2)Pi * (1+ (1/4)cos(4*omega*t)) r = b This is to be solved in spherical coords. That's not the problem. I solved this just fine, but I would really like to plot this to see what it looks like! Checking the help pages in maple, it says plot3d expects a function r(theta,phi) (might be the other way around?). So, is there a way to plot my 3 parts, or, failing that, how do I turn that into r wrt phi and theta? Cheers Chris PS. How do you post 2D math? I tried, but nothing really worked?
How can one print the output from the statements executed within a loop as the loop outputs only the last calculation.
I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to plot the direction field of a differential equation. I'm trying to plot ty'+2y=sint. If anyone could give me some advice, that'd be great.
I'm using the cosine function and just read in the help section that the trig functions only take arguments in radians. Is this true ? Is there no way to use arguments in degrees for the trig functions ? v/r, Dan
Hi, If a sentence (as a string) is given with uneven number of spaces in it, how can we smooth it out so that every word is followed by exactly one space. I think this would be solved by Regular Expression in patmatch, but exactly I don't know. Kindly help me. Thanks.
i have two function f(x) and g(x) and i wanna plot them in one plot x=1200..2300, but for f(x) y=0..600 and for g(x) y=0..50. How can i display different scaling y-axis?
Hi, I would like some help with plotting a 2D and 3D graph together. I actually have an equation with two varying parameters and I have displayed a 3D plot.What i want is to set a value for the one parameter and plot the line together with the previous surface, so that I can see where this line is placed on the surface.I provide the example to make myself clearer. Itouch50 := -0.4058074876e13*sqrt(1.+h)/(sqrt(ts)*(-500000000.0*ln((625.+125.*h+25.*h^2+5.*h^3)/h)* sqrt(1.+h)+587311661.7)) Itouch := 474335.0379*h*(10300.*2.718281828^(-3.703703704*ts)+1030.*2.718281828^(-3.703703704*ts)* h+490.*2.718281828^(1/(5.*ts+6.))+49.*2.718281828^(1/(5.*ts+6.))*h)/(51200.*sqrt(ln(100.*h))*h+5120.*sqrt(ln(100.*h))*h^2+25600.+12790.*h+511.*h^2)
Hello, I have never used Maple before and I am working on an assignment but unfortunately class ended before I could ask my professor with some help so I was hoping someone on here might be able to help me out. All I need to do is get the first equation to look like the second equation, I would use the simplify command but I cannot break apart the l(l+1), can anyone help me out?

Equation 1:

Need it to look like this:

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I want to tell maple that func is a function of x, y, z, but I don't know what the function is. This is so when maple evaluates derivatives, etc, it won't assume 'func' is a constant. ie: instead of func := (x,y,z) -> x^2 + 2y + 3xyz; I just want to say func : = (x,y,z); so that when I ask for a derivative, maple just prints out 'diff(func, x, 1) etc, where 'diff(func, x, 1) means the first partial deriv of x. I hope that's clear enough for all you experts out there. I am a newbie to Maple. I tried func : = (x,y,z); but it did not seem to work for me.... Thanks in advance,
Hello. I was wondering if it is possible to unassign a variable from within a procedure. The accompanying file illustrates what I am trying to do. As always, my anticipated thanks to anyone kind enough to take the time to help me. I would be totally lost in MAPLE without this forum. a href=' within a'>View 2292_Unassign within a on MapleNet or Download 2292_Unassign within a

I have a questing about using Maple document components, such as a plotter, a slider and a Math expression to display my own function that is inserted via Math Expression component. The inserted function (of variable x) is multiply by parametr a and then is displayed in Plotter0. Situation in Maple document is displayed in the following figure The code of Slider0 components is the folowing: a:=GetProperty( 'Slider0', 'value'); b:=MathML[Import](GetProperty('MathContainer0', 'value')); SetProperty( 'Plot0', 'value', plot(a*b,x=-5..5) ); When my function is a polynom and it is not included any other function such as sin, cos, etc., everything workes correctly. But when I try to display e.g. sin(x) it does not worked - it is an empty plot or the other message is generated. I think that it is because of Import function is not able to evaluate it correctly. Could you help me,please? Thank you Vladimir

Hi, Is there an easy way to convert Matlab or C code to something that Maple can use? I know CodeGeneration in Maple can go the other way, but can't import into Maple. Thanks! Andy
Hi, I'm new to maple and I would like to draw a plot of a time-dependent 2D Vectorfield and some trajectories: 1. I have the field udep := (x, y, t) -> cos(t)*x - sin(t)* (-y); vdep := (x, y, t) -> sin(t)*x + cos(t)* (-y); it looks like this: 2. now i would like to draw a trajectory T that has at every point a tangent parallel to the field (to show the path of a massless particle inside this field)
Hi, Separation of variables has been driving me nuts again, By applying the method of separation of variables solve: ux + uy =0 Separate the variables: fp1 := diff(u(x, y), x) = -(diff(u(x, y), y)); pdsolve(fp1, u(x, y)); u(x, y) = _F1(y - x) is this the correct solution? u(x,y):= _F1(y-x) If it is, what is the _F1? If it is not the solution can someone explain the correct solution to me? Regards malt
I would expect, that evalhf works for that without 'manual' translation ...


  Classic Worksheet Interface, Maple 10.06, Windows, Oct 2 2006 Build ID 255401

tst1:=proc(a,z) (-z)^(-a); end proc:
evalhf(tst1(1.5, 2.5));

  Error, fractional power of a negative

'(-z)^(-a)': '%'= convert(%,exp);
tst2:=proc(a,z) exp(-a*ln(-z)); end proc:
evalhf(tst2(1.5, 2.5));

                      (-z)     = exp(-ln(-z) a)

          0.155662521299999988 10   + 0.252982212799999995 I
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