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Hello, i stumbled across a function that does not want to plot regularly.

The translation: The tension U(t) (in volts) measured across a resistance in a electric circuit is given by U(t)=cos(2t)*U*e^t/10.

a. Plot the graph of y=U(t)
b.Calculate the limit t->infinity and acquire the horizontal asymtote of the graph of y=U(t). 
c. Calculate the intersecting points of the graph of U with horizontal asymptote (dont ask me how, while how can a function intersect with its own asymptotes??). 

So the question actually is how to graph this function?
Maybe then i can make up from that how the function intersects with its own asymptotes.

Thank you!


The Function.  

"U(t):=U*(e)^(-(t)/(10))*cos(2* t);smartplot(U(t));"

proc (t) options operator, arrow, function_assign; U*exp(-(1/10)*t)*cos(2*t) end proc






This is my first post here and I am really hoping someone can help me. I just started using Maple and I am using Maple 2021.

I generated numbers using a SEQUENCE and the sequence is called y. I am trying to extract the element (y[n]) and the index (n) of that element based on the CONDITION that y[n] has to lie in between 0 and 1 exclusive (so the element of the sequence or y[n] has to be such that 0 < y[n] < 1). How can I achieve this using select commad and also using a LOOP. Are there any other methods that can be used to achive this result. Any or all help would be really appreciated.


Thank you all.

I have piecewise functon:

k := piecewise(t < t1, kmax, t1 <= t, -kmax, 2*t1 + sqrt(2)*t1 <= t, kmax, 3*t1 + 2*sqrt(2)*t1 <= t, -kmax, 4*t1 + 2*sqrt(2)*t1 <= t, 0)

Everything is a constant except time t. 

I need to Integrate it 4 times. 

sol := int(k, [t = 0 .. t, t = 0 .. t, t = 0 .. t, t = 0 .. t])

I only get result for the first two conditions from the piecewise functon (t < t1, kmax, t1 <= t, -kmax)

I need the result for complete piecewise functon. Also converting to Heaviside doesn't work. I am a complete math moron. Ty


I have made a maple file that is meant to test Maple's solution to the nonlinear pendulum equation.  I am doubtful that Maple is finding the correct solution.  Could someone comment on my analysis?

As I upgraded to Maple 2021 I quickly noticed the missing text format bar. I've looked into the view tabs and done a bit of search, but I can't figure out how to get it back. I mostly use document mode, so I miss it dearly.

Thank you in advance.

Am calculating using the binomial function, and want to plot the output values. So, need to create a vector and plot the values.

Here is the loop,

x := RandomVariable(Binomial(45, 0.9));
for i from 0 to 45 do
    ProbabilityFunction(x, i);
end do;

Cannot seem to find a way to get the output into a list or vector, and then implement the dataplot function .

Many thanks in advance....

Dear Sir/Madam

I want to use explore commad in order to make a plot along with calculating another expression,simultaneously.

The following command does not give the desired result:

Explore([plot(a*x^2+b*x^3,x=-2..2),evalf(a^2+b^2)],parameters = [a = -1.00..1.00, b=-1.00..1.00],placement=right );

I want to have a diagram which depends on both "a" and "b" together with evaluation of the expression "a^2+b^2" somewhere near the control markers.

I appreciate if any one could help.

Thank you very much


I am interested in the inner workings of SignalProcessing:-Convolution. I know I can list it with a higher setting of verboseproc:

interface(verboseproc=3); # actually, 2 is enough here...

and get

Obviously the real work happens in IPP:-Convolution, but that seems unknown. How can I list that??


Mac Dude

Dear Maple users

I have created a simple Explore command in order to display what happens with a Planck curve when the temperature T increases - using the slider. Especially I would like to show how the maximum of the curve lies in relation to the visible spectrum from 400-700 nm, that is from 4*10^-7 to 7*10^-7. My idea was to somehow have this wavelength interval representing the visible spectrum displayed behind the Planck curve as a vertical rectangle. If it was a fixed plot, I could do it using the display command, but is it possible to add an extra plot to an Explore command?

I have uploaded the temporary Maple file and an image to show my intention (I don't expect the coloring ...)


Maybe someone can help?

Kind regards,

Erik V.


Dear respected colleagues,

The first "ex 1" and second "non linear" codes were sent to me by a colleague. It would be appreciated if they can be modified to look like the one saved with "K2 Nonlinear_Fang 2009". Thank you all for your time and best regards.




In mathematica, CommunityGraphPlot attempts to draw the vertices grouped into communities. 

g = Graph[{1 \[UndirectedEdge] 2, 2 \[UndirectedEdge] 3, 
   3 \[UndirectedEdge] 4, 1 \[UndirectedEdge] 4, 
   1 \[UndirectedEdge] 5, 5 \[UndirectedEdge] 6, 
   5 \[UndirectedEdge] 7, 7 \[UndirectedEdge] 8, 
   8 \[UndirectedEdge] 9, 7 \[UndirectedEdge] 9}, 
  VertexLabels -> "Name"];
ged = {{6, 7, 8, 9}, {5}, {1, 2, 3, 4}};# Gallai-Edmonds decomposition
 HighlightGraph[g, FindIndependentEdgeSet[g], 
  GraphHighlightStyle -> "Thick"], 
 Thread[Labeled[ged, {"D(g)", "A(g)", "C(g)"}]], PlotTheme -> "Web"]

This function is very useful, for example, if I get a partition of vertices, such as the gallai-Edmonds decomposition below, I use  CommunityGraphPlot to easily see the overall layout of the graph. I don't know if Maple has a corresponding function.

PS: The Gallai-Edmonds decomposition of a graph g is the partition {D(g),A(g),C(g)} of its vertices, where D(g) consists of every vertex v for which there exists a maximum matching of g that misses v, A(g) consists of every vertex v that is not in D(g) but neighbors some vertex in D(g) and C(g) consists of all remaining vertices.


I purchased the license of Maple 2019 and I am using the same version up to now. I am wondering if I download the latest version, can I use the former license? When I click on "check for updates" there is nothing for updating but when I want to run a Maple file written in the latest version, I face an error. 

Dear every one.

I want to solve an implit function. But maple give me this. How can i solve z(x,y) by maple?

Hello colleagues

I use Maple 2020 and I try to create Histogram of Poisson with a mean 200 [ Histogram(Sample(Poisson(200),10000))]. but I get an incorrect result in the form of a histogram as uniform distribution. But In my Maple 2015 I get a correct result.what is the problem?

Dear every one.


I am trying to set up an surface integral in maple. I have been trying with the Student[VectorCalculus] package.

I have also tried to use the task template for surface integral over a disk but somehow I mess up huge time.

I have tried to find help online and in maple help center. If anyone would please take time to explain the syntax of the SurfaceInt command id be happy.

Can someone teach me how to solve this exam.

Thank you.

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