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how can i construct this reccursive serie without loops or command proc :

for any n greater or equal 0 :u(n+1)=sin(u(n)) with u(0)=1.5

Please look at this codes!!!

i cant understand the idea of how maple works with parameters...


if u watch it exactly u can see that first maple understands that diff(a__1,t) is equall 1; but anfter that it couldnt load the value 1.

what is hapening?

what can i do for this problem. its not the main code. i just send u an example of what  i want and what maple does. plz help me. tnx 

Earlier smoothly working generation of normal distribution in v. 2019 unexpectedly shows the error:

RandV  := Statistics[RandomVariable](Normal(0, 1));
Statistics[Sample](RandV, 10);

Error, (in p) unable to convert Float(undefined) to an integer



When multiple request to DocumentTools:-Tabulate(...) are enclosed in the same group of commands (which typically happens when they are within a procedure), only the last one is displayed.
Is it possible to overcome this behaviour?

Thanks in advance

Hello, everyone: I have a question of drawing graph。
H := HypercubeGraph(3):
style = spring);

How  do I change  the vertex style   to polygon without line.
the aim graph  like figure below:

Thank you very much!


Greeting for all 

 , How to plot gyroid surface by Maple where its equation is 



How do I solve boundary layer equations with hmp (homotopy perturbation method) in Maple? 

I can't understand how to solve. Can anybody help me please?

I have the following ODE perturbation problem which I want maple to solve for me:



where q(\tau)=q_0(\tau)+eps*q_1(\tau)




I want maple to expand every function that depends on eps in its arguments by a Taylor series around eps=0, i.e h(eps)=h(0)+eps*h'(0)

and also expand the difference above the fs with an eps-expansion around eps=0.

I did all this manually now I want to check if my calculations are correct, eventaully I want to equate same powers of eps of the RHS and LHS of the first ODE I wrote above.


Then how to use maple for this?



While using the RKF45 in MAPLE to solve ODE w.r.t. time, analysis results came out without any information regarding a total number of iterations or a total number of time steps used in the actual analysis.


I would like to know how can this information be checked in the MAPLE.


Thank you very much.


Does there exist a Maple command that on its own calculates the residual standard error of two regression lists? 

Let p(x) be a real polynomial of degree 6.  You are given that p(−4+i)=0.  Find a real quadratic factor of p(x) and enter it in the box below using Maple syntax.  (Don't forget to use * for mulitplication.)


Please tell me how to combine the two graphics. I can't bring them together. question.mws

I have been using fsolve to derive constants for a polynomial. These are presented clearly in blue, but I am unable to reference these numbers for further calculations other than by typing them in manually. e.g. output is:

{d = 520.9032305, c = .41478630e-1, b = -.84548378e-5, a = .125070852e-8}


> y[3]=a*x[3]^3+b*x[3]^2+c*x[3]+d,y[4]=a*x[4]^3+b*x[4]^2+c*x[4]+d},{a,b,c,d});


I use dsolve( sys ode, ics)  and  dsolve( sys, ics, numeric) but both does not gives any solution of the system proposed. 
May be I must fix some parameter or something else.


many thinks

Help create file Excel in ExcelTools, but error row 564?

Please help me? 

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