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When you are solving an ode of degree 4 in maple you get an answer like this : f(x)=aZ1(x)+ bZ2(x)+ cZ3(x) + dZ4(x) Now I want to pick Z1 and Z2 and others one by one to form a list. What should I do ? (I have tried to use coeff but it did not work)

Hello, I have two main questions involving the attached file.

1. In the first error, I am trying to put a vector in the exponential, however I am getting an error. Is there any way around this?

2. I am then trying to integrate an OuterProductMatrix, however I am getting another error. Is there another way around this?

Thank you.


Is there another way in maple to code `union`. I am not confident using this function and was wondering if there was a perhaps longer/different way to do the same thing?



I have the following inequality system : 

              [ U1,2 + U1,3 -1 = 0,

U2,3 - U1,2 = 0, 

-U1,3 -U2,3+1 = 0,

0 <=U1,2,

0 <= U1,3,

0 <= U2,3]

I want to solve it using LinearMultivariateSystem, namely I excuted a command : 

Then the following is return : 

Error, (in Utilities:-SimpleAnd) invalid input: a string/name list is expected for sort method `lexorder`

 I tried that

My question is that how do you use LinearMultivariateSystem for varibles indexed by two params.

Thank you.



from this

>A:=choose([CPC__h, SIZE__h,CPC__m, SIZE__m,CPC__l, SIZE__l],2): 

where h denotes high, m=medium, l=low

I want to select CPC and SIZE all the combinations w.r.t h, m and l

[[CPC__h, SIZE__h], [CPC__h, SIZE__l], [CPC__h, SIZE__m], [CPC__l, SIZE__h], [CPC__l, SIZE__l], [CPC__l, SIZE__m], [CPC__m, SIZE__h], [CPC__m, SIZE__l], [CPC__m, SIZE__m]]



I want to apply the methodology to 
choose([CPC__h, SIZE__h, SH__h,CPC__m, SIZE__m, SH__m,CPC__l, SIZE__l, SH__l],3)

hi , I want to solve a problem of structural analysis (slope deflection) in maple but .... ?

convert(...,Int) in Maple 2018.2 works for fourier, invfourier, laplace, but does not work for invlaplace.  

Why is that? Is there a workaround?

expr:=fourier(f(x), x, w):

expr:=invfourier(f(w), w, x):



Was expecting to see the Mellin's inverse formula.

Maple 2018.2 on windows 10


Hi I am trying to solve the following system of equation. I could solve it for approximate value of s(0)=0.9999 using middefer method of bvp, but as soon as I give the b.c. as s(0)=1, Maple gives me an error that there is an numeric exception. Can someone explain it what is going wrong with s(0)=1? Any sugesstion to solve the equation?

b := 1;
r := .1;
l := 3;
a := 10; p := 1.5; ds := 100; dk := 1;

sol3 := dsolve({ds*(diff(i(x), x)) = exp(eta(x)), s(x)^3*i(x)*b*r+(1-s(x))^3*a*l*(diff(s(x), x))/s(x)^1.5 = (1-s(x))^3, diff(eta(x), x) = dk*(i(x)-1)/s(x)^p, i(0) = 0, i(1) = 1, s(0) = 1}, {eta(x), i(x), s(x)}, approxsoln = [eta(x) = .5, i(x) = .5, s(x) = 1], initmesh = 100000, type = numeric, maxmesh = 100000, range = 0 .. 1, output = listprocedure, method = bvp[middefer], abserr = 0.1e-3, adaptive = true);

Error, (in dsolve/numeric/bvp) numeric exception: division by zero

plots[odeplot](sol3, [[x, s(x)]], 0 .. 1, color = ["Green"]);

Thanks and regards,

 write a programe for fractional calculus and it shows subscript error plzz help me with that

Using Latest Physics updates (I am not sure when this started), pdsolve gives Error, (in PDEtools/eval/2) numeric exception: division by zero on the following problem from a HW from text book.

PackageTools:-IsPackageInstalled("Physics Updates");


Error, (in PDEtools/eval/2) numeric exception: division by zero

Mathematica answer btw is 

pde = D[w[x, t], t] + 3 t D[w[x, t], x] == w[x, t];
ic = w[x, 0] == f[x];
sol = Simplify[DSolve[{pde, ic}, w[x, t], {x, t}]]


This is on Maple 2018.2 on windows 10 64 bit.

Any idea what is causing this and any workaround? Do others get the same exception?



I require help to plot graphs by changing differernt parameters. i am enclosing my codes and sample codes,

Thanks in advance.

Let us consider L be the following list of 6 lists of polynomials which all of their polynomials are linear combination of B=[x^2,x*y,z^2,1]. 

L:=[[a*x^2+b*x*y-1, -(a*b-b)*x*y/a-z^2+(a-1)/a, -a*c*z^2/(b*(a-1))+(b+c)/b], [a*x^2+b*x*y-1, -(a*b-b)*x*y/a-z^2+(a-1)/a, 1],

[a*x^2+b*x*y-1, -z^2+(a-1)/a, c*x*y+1], [b*x*y-1, -x^2-z^2, (b+c)/b], [-1, -x^2-z^2, c*x*y], [-1, -x^2-z^2]].

Now, I need the matrix coefficients of any member of L (please note that any matrix has 4 columns according to the list B) . Is there any command for this?

Thank you in advanced.

Ok so when a module is loaded, there is a .dll file that loads a list of symbols into maple.exe, what can be done if an error occurs for which the debugging output declares that the PDB file for the module could not be found? 

I have read that the program database file stores debugging information related to the locating symbols, how can i fix this if my computer isn't finding theres files for a list of .dll it attempts to load into maple.exe, or is there a way for which i can make these files for each corresponding module?

u(vu)+ uvvuu - 2vvu = 0

using maple show that the ode has an eighth dimensional lie symmetry group

For some reason the Maple software is not evaluating the last bounds for a triple integral.

But the evalf command works.

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