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I have this problem with this system of equations, when I solve the 13x13 system it does not give me any solution, neither giving seed values ​​nor placing full digits. The exercise is solved and I tried to assume close values ​​and it doesn't work for me, it leaves everything expressed with the fsolve command.


I want to simplify the attached expression by applying the relation \( k_1 + k_2 + k_3 = 0 \).

For instance, the terms \( k_3 + k_1 - k_2 \) become \(-2k_2\) and \( k_1 + k_2 - k_3 \) become \(-2k_3\), etc.

Instead of manually changing each term, I am looking for a systematic method to apply this relation to simplify the given expression.

How to simplify the expression where each vectors k_i and q has real components, i.e., etc

Only W_i, U_i,j, V_i,j are complex numbers, so conjugate (bar) is applicable for them. How to make declaration, so that all other bars are removed and simplify the expression.

while running my code i am not able to edit it. when i close my file and re open it then it is edit able but only once after that to re edit i have to run it again.
one more query i am facing is that i have made whole code now i just want to change pde and exact solution of that pde to get different solutions of pde although my code is working for one pde but while changing pde it is giving me error why?
and some times it takes alot of time to evaluate is there any error in the code or should i change my laptop?

kindly help me with all these queries.

Sq := proc(n::integer)
local aS, oS, aC, oC, s, dr, pc, u;
aS := -i/n;
oS := sum(1/s, s = 1 .. n);
aC := 1/2*aS;
oC := oS - 1/2*1/((n + 1)*n);
point(S, aS, oS); point(C, aC, oC);
MakeSquare(K, [S, 'center' = C]);
u := (x, i) -> sum(exp(-x*k)/k, k = 1 .. i);
pc := plot(u(x, n), x = 0 .. 4, color = green);
dr := draw([K]);
display({dr, pc});
end ;Sq(1);
Error, (in geometry:-draw) non-numeric coordinate encountered, cannot determine plot view
How to correct this procedure ?

I have used alias for various reasons inside a pagkage. It is useful for coupling old command names to modern ones.

I am trying now to get this to work inside a sub package but no success. Can this be done?



option package;
export   Sqr, UHG;
   return x^2;
end proc;

          option package;


     CircleParmUHG := proc(T::algebraic, U::algebraic)
       local t, u, P, cp;
         #  P := point;
             t := T*denom(T)*denom(U);
             u := U*denom(T)*denom(U);
         # if P <> NullPoint then
         #   P := 'NullLine';
         #end if;
        if t::numeric and u::numeric and t<>0 and u<>0 then
             cp:=  <u^2 - t^2| 2*u*t| u^2 + t^2>/gcd(gcd(u^2 - t^2, 2*u*t), u^2 + t^2);
             cp:=  <u^2 - t^2| 2*u*t| u^2 + t^2>;
        end if;
        return cp
      end proc;
    end module;
end module;




[Sqr, UHG]









Error, eparm is not a command in the pkg:-UHG package






Vector[row]([45, 28, 53])



eparm(2, 7)