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I have managed to install Maple2017 and open the installer using the Linux terminal and everything else but I can't find the file to run maple anywhere. I have been opening and doing everything with the linux terminal but I can't open maple without the filename as chromebook are fairly useless for downloading anything, does anyone know the name of the file or a way to make it run on chromebook? Thanks for any help offered in advance

How to read and write video file in maple?

i want to read one video file and then manipulate this to another file and then play two files to compare in maple

if maple 12 can not , which version can do?

I am trying to get jacobian computed for lorenz equations, not showing matrix, using Maple 2019 newest version. any guidance?





Dear all

I have a set composed by vectors C(K), S(K) i would like to show that this set of vectors is orthogonal

That is, we pick any two different vectors and I compute the usual inner product and I verify if the result is zero or no

many thinks for your help







ics:=f(0)=0,f'(0)=1,f'(x)=0 for x tends to infinity;

How to solve this DE im RK methods?


Hot on the heels of my previous question

I have attempted to maximize growth while keeping variance below a fixed level (with not much success), but 

can any of you maximize the growth of a 3 stock portfolio while minimizing the variance.

How do I draw three graphs on the same axis of coordinates and I see this graph appear after the previous graph one second with the Maple command? Example : y = x, y = x2, y = 1 - x.

Thanks so much for the help of everyone!

Hi everybody!


Quick question for you guys. I have access to Maple 2019 on my main computer and Maple 2018 on a remote Desktop (but I don't want to use because it's super slow and bad (normal rdp stuff)). The problem I have is for the same document, same line, same instruction, Maple 2019 on my computer is failling to do it correctly (unable to do the matrix correctly) and in the Remote Maple 2018 it's doing it just fine. I really don't understand. If someone can give me a little help it would be highly apreciated!


Maple 2018 (what it's supposed to do):


Maple 2019 (what it is not suppose to do):