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Why does the use of  global  at the top level of a worksheet is no longer accepted in the most recent versions of Maple (it still was in Maple 2015), but only within procedures?



How I can Plot this structure using define new coordinate such as cylinderical om\ne or addcoords?

eq:= x^2-y^2*z-y*z^2;


memory used=177.9MB, alloc=44.3MB, time=2.29
Initializing Java runtime environment.
munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer
Error, (in Maplets:-Display) computation interrupted


Suppose I have the equation C := y^2*z + yz^2 = x^2, then I want to test for which triples (x,y,z) with x,y,z in {0,1} the equation is satisfied? Is there a quick way of doing this in Maple?


I'm having some difficulty solving a set of equations. For example

dn/dt = Const*(phi - n)

ds/dt= Const*(phi-n)

s = d2 phi/dx2 + d2 phi/dy2

How do you solve a system like this? It is 2 equations with 2 unknowns, but it is the s variable that is evolved, i.e. ds/dt, instead of phi.

Anyone know of some code that could do this? (periodic boundary conditions)

Better yet, how do you formulate this as a regular ODE for n and phi?


I stumpled upon an exercise involving calculating double points for the spacecurve for a vector function defined in the plane. It reduces to solving two equations with two variables. The command solve is usually the way to find solutions, but since the equation contain a trigonometric function, Maple gives the solutions parametrized by aritrary constants _Z and _B. It is however cumbersome to 'decipher' the possible solutions as I do in the attached Maple file.  

I wonder if Maple have a way to deliver the solutions numerically in the interval from -4 to 4? If it had been a single equation this would have been possible, I know. 


NB! I know I can use the symmetri in the current example, but I am interested in a general technique to solve these kind of equations. 







Dear Users!

Hope everyone fine here. I have following three quires that need to be fix.

1. I want to collocate Vector IntXYZ1 and IntXYZ2 present in file Q1 in such a way that the first M1M2 + 2(M3-1)M2 + 2(M3-1)(M1-2) rows are zero and other rows are collocated at x=(i-1)/(M1-1), y=(j-1)/(M2-1), t=(k-1)/(M3-1) for i = 2,3,…,M1-1, j = 2,3,…,M2-1, k = 2,3,…,M3 as given as XX (of order 27 by 27 with first 25 rows are zero) for M1=M2=M3=3


2. Next, in file Q2 we have a Vector b with some entries which are actually the values of chi[1, 1, 1], chi[1, 1, 2],...,chi[2, 2, 2] in such a following way

(Vector(8, {(1) = chi[1, 1, 1], (2) = chi[1, 1, 2], (3) = chi[1, 2, 1], (4) = chi[1, 2, 2], (5) = chi[2, 1, 1], (6) = chi[2, 1, 2], (7) = chi[2, 2, 1], (8) = chi[2, 2, 2]})) = (Matrix(8, 1, {(1, 1) = 0, (2, 1) = 0, (3, 1) = 0, (4, 1) = 0, (5, 1) = 1.000000000, (6, 1) = 1.000000000, (7, 1) = 1.000000000, (8, 1) = .3678794412}))

Matrix B given in file Q2 have entires which are the linear cobiniation of chi[1, 1, 1], chi[1, 1, 2],...,chi[2, 2, 2]. I want to evaluate matrix B at the values of chi[1, 1, 1], chi[1, 1, 2],...,chi[2, 2, 2] which are obtained in vector b.

3. I want to recall a vector B in file Q3 at highlighted portion and B matrix is present in Q4. Which is the command to recall or export a matrix which contain in some other file like in file Q4.

I shall be very grateful for your support.

 Let d an integer ">=5 " and 
                    "lambda  in ]-(1)/(2),-(1)/(d+1)[. "
> gamma[s+1,d]=((s+1)[d]((d+1)lambda+s))/(2^(d+1)(lambda+s)[d+1]).;
We need to show that
> gamma[s+1,d]>=-(1)/(2^(s+1)),;
> s=1,...,[(d+1)/(2)].;
 a[k] designates the pochhammer symbol.

Thanks a lot 

Would anybody tell me that what does it mean

Warning, A new binding for the name `pdetest` has been created. The global instance of this name is still accessible using the :- prefix, :-`pdetest`.  See ?protect for details. pdetest

Does it mean that the solution satisfies the main equation? because doing manual calculations doesn't satisfy.

Here is my file

I am currently struggling with a piecewise functions. Seeing as this function is defined over a large number of breakpoints, it would seem that Maple is unable to execute a certain integration (over a particular interval). Since the first derivatives match up at all breakpoints and the piecewise function looks perfectly smooth to my eyes, I figured that I might obtain a sensible result approximating the function by means of a polynomial and integrating based on the resulting approximation. When I try to use minimax from numapprox, however, I just receive an error message to the effect that:

Error, (in evalf/int/CreateProc) function does not evaluate to numeric

I'd very much appreciate it if anyone had any pointers on how I might find a reasonably precise (not necessarily polynomial) approximation for a seemingly smooth piecewise function with a large number of breakpoints.

Many thanks.

Edit: Please find attached my worksheet: My goal is to approximate the function Z over the interval 5/3 to 5 by something that is not defined in a piecewise manner.



Dear all

I have a matrix defined using loop 

How, can I print the value of the  matrix

thank you

Dear all

I have a table with entries obtained using maple code, how can I copy this table to powepoint as image 

many thanks


How do we replace D^i by diff(y(x),x$i) in did:=D^14+23*D^13+144*D^12
in Maple 13?

Thank you!



I have the expression:

This works (Ans. 144):


This works (Ans. 144):


Why doesn't this work?


Why doesn't this work?


I need those "generic" substituions for certain loops that I am making.

Thank you!




sometimes I have a need to do an assignment inside  operator call `if`(......) . but it is not possible it seems to do this in Maple.

This happens when I am using `if`(...) inside cat() to build a long string, and  depending on some condition, different string is build.  

This works fine in general, until I need to assign new value to a variable at the same time as I am building the string.

An example will make it more clear. Instead of the following


str:=cat(str,`if`(x=10," it was 10","it was not 10"));

if x=10 then

I'd like to do something like this (which does not work in Maple)

str:=cat(str,`if`(x=10,  x:=11;" it was 10" , x:=9; "it was not 10"))

Tried assign() also. Does not work.  I tried different variation on the above, none works. 

In Mathematica, the above is possible. But this is using standard `If`, which can be inlined

Is it possible to do something like this in Maple? 

The reason is that I do not have to do the checking twice: once to build the string, and once after that is done, in order to do the assignment. It is better if both are done in one place. The above is just an example. I could have more than one `if` inside as I am building the long string. 

Btw, how does one look up help on the operator if and not the statement if ? the help page for if does not talk about it or give any examples.

Maple 2020.2

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