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Dear bright people of MaplePrimes, 

I'm stuck in a problem with dsolve.

I have a ODE system that I would like to solve numerically (because it's huge) in vars: var1(t), var2(t), var3(t), etc... Inside the ODE there are procedures with arguments like proc(f(x,y), a, b, c, etc...) where f(x,y) is a function for a curve (so x and y are variables) and a,b,c are numeric. 
Procedures have been written as indicated in the help page, i.e. differentiating whether the procedures are called with symbolic arguments or numeric arguments. So I call dsolve specifying the "known" procedures and a numeric method. Maple sets the problem correctly. However, when it tries to solve the equations numerically it points out that in the ODE ys there are some undefined parameters. Specifically, those parameters are x, y. But, again, x and y are not parameters but variables that are used in the procedures within the ODEs. 

I tried to include x and y as parameters and solve the system. However, before retrieving the solution, a numerical value must be given to all the parameters. 

What should I do if I need to keep f(x,y) symbolic in my procedures but I want to solve my ODE numerically? 

Thank you for supporting me. 
Thank you so much. 




I have lists like below, how to compute the size of such lists.

Y := {Theta[i, j, 2]+2*Omega[i, j, 2]+4*GAMMA[i, j, 2], Omega[i, j, 1]+3*GAMMA[i, j, 1]+Omega[i, j, 2]+3*GAMMA[i, j, 2], -Theta[i, j, 1]+2*GAMMA[i, j, 1]+Omega[i, j, 2]+3*GAMMA[i, j, 2]}

Size of Y is 3 as you see, but Dimension and Count commands failed to return it. 

Hello, everybody,

If I had the graph of a function just like plot(sin(x), x=-2..2)

The question is I want to plot this function is discrite form    by the pair of points (x[i], sin9x[i]) and i=1...N, where N is an integer number

how can i solve this equation with Two unknown terms

How maple could handle the set of linear equations in which the number of unknowns are more than number of equations?

For example in the case we have two linear equations with three unknowns, by solving this set we arrive at an equation relates the unknowns. (i.e. intersection of two plane is equation of a specific line), How it is possible to get the equation of this line in maple?

What about in general? e.g. 6-equations with 15 unkowns?

The edges of the red and blue surfaces are ragged. Can they be made smoother when displayed?

hi every one

 im new in maple, i have this problem , the output result (nod) dont disply after the for loop how can i disply it ?( sorry for this question, im new in this prog.)

the 2nd question is the (Typesetting:-delayDotProduct) how can i resolve this???

plz help 


for i from 2 to 3 do for j from 2 to 3 do Typesetting[delayDotProduct](rod, [i, j], true) := s*imp*l*i*f*y*subs*({cx^2 = 1-cy^2-cz^2}, Typesetting[delayDotProduct](rod, [i, j], true)) end do end do;
Typesetting[delayDotProduct](rod, [1, 1], true) := collect(rod[1, 1], cos(theta));


Hello every body

i want to solve the following integal but i cant please help.

integral sqrt(a l (l - log(t) - 1) log^(l - 2)(t)×(1 - a×t/(a l log^(l - 1)(t)))/t^2) dt


Everytime I try to save Maple 2017 on my Windows 10 computer crashes. With this bug I cannot save anything. I have tried reinstalling maple but nothing changes.

Note this is not a maple autosave issue as I have disabled it.

I am trying to use MultiSeris package to expand a function (nu3 in the code).

The function has two variables, w and u. I want Maple to treat w as a constant and u as the variable.

As you can see from the code, somehow if I replace w by any rational number and do the expansion, I get an expansion with a constant * u term. However, if I replace w with zeta(3) (or pi), then some how the u term vanishes. I think this cannot be correct. Is this a bug?

nu3 := -sqrt(-2*sqrt(w)*sqrt(w+2)*u^4+2*u^4*w+4*sqrt(w)*sqrt(w+2)*u^2+u^4-4*u^2*w-2*sqrt(w)*sqrt(w+2)-2*u^2+w^2+2*w+1)+sqrt(-2*sqrt(w)*sqrt(w+2)*u^4+2*u^4*w+4*sqrt(w)*sqrt(w+2)*u^2+u^4-4*u^2*w-2*sqrt(w)*sqrt(w+2)-2*u^2+2*sqrt(-2*sqrt(w)*sqrt(w+2)*u^4+2*u^4*w+4*sqrt(w)*sqrt(w+2)*u^2+u^4-4*u^2*w-2*sqrt(w)*sqrt(w+2)-2*u^2+w^2+2*w+1)+2)+w-1




[AddFunction, FunctionSupported, GetFunction, LeadingTerm, RemoveFunction, SeriesInfo, asympt, limit, multiseries, series, taylor]


series(subs(w = 7/13, nu3), u = 0, 3)



series(subs(w = 1, nu3), u = 0, 3)



series(subs(w = zeta(3), nu3), u = 0, 2)








I am trying to get Maple to display sin2(x)  rather than (sin(x))2.  In particular I am trying to have it output the latex for the prior using latex(sin^2(x) , output=string), or similar.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.





Supposing as a nice simple example I use the power series command,

series(ex, x=0,8)

to get,

1+x+12x+ 16x+ 124x+ 1120x+ 1720x+ 15040x7

Is there automated anyway to get this as a Sigma representation? 

Hey, as mentioned in the Titel, I have a corrupted worksheet that i would like to compare to my work nowdays(its and old safe)

It was stored on an USB stick.

I uploaded the file uneddited - but i allrdy tryed the repair steps that maple gives us. But also i could have dont something wrong.


If the file is not to be repaired i would like to know that atleast. Thank you!

of the matrix

Matrix(n, (i, j) ->binomial(a*i+b*j, j) );

? I mean an explicit formula in terms of a, b, and n which consists of n+1 summands. Of course, it should be found with Maple, not by hand.

How do I plot e.g sin(theta), theta in radians but would like to have the x axis labeled in degrees?


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