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I was trying to fill a Submit Software Change Request form a couple of times (with an interval of a couple of days) to report a small issue in Maple2023, which happens when I try to open an empty mpl-file. However, each time I received an error message. It looks like it is just broken.

Does anyone know if there is any reliable mechanism to provide feedback on MapleSoft products?

When the original poster receives or finds the answer to the question he/she posed, should he/she

  1. Reply to it
  2. Answer to it?

I have seen "true answers" that were converted to a reply, despite addressing the initial answer correctly. In case there are no other answers, the question will still be listed under unanswered question which is incorrect.

What practice should be applied in MaplePrimes for "true answers"?

I want to report a bug.

This was possible in MaplePrimes but I cannot find the option software change request (if i remember correctly) any more. Hast this option moved or been removed?

For several hours I experience difficulties to upload a mw file (file to answer this question).

Given the error message I get

I thought it was a general technical problem.

But then I realized that this file , for instance, could be uploaded.

Nevertheless, as soon as I try to upload I get the error displayed above and it becomes impossible to upload any other file, even

Does someone has any idea about what's going on?

For the record, contains nothing special that could prevent its uploading.
This file can be uploaded here  DropBox  (replace the txt extension by mw before opening it with Maple).

I clicked on the author's page link and was redirected to front page instead. Does this link work? Why does it not work for me?

How to define constants - MaplePrimes

Mapleprimes advanced search isn't working properly

I wanted to find only my (Author: Christopher2222) related to (keyword: plot) and the search found posts and plots where I wasn't even involved! 

Mapleprimes - please fix

I have two questions if you please.
Is there any kind of a ruler in the maple worksheet that helps me to Adjust the wideness of the line text? 0r even to  spilt the outputs in two columns 
you know as the ruler in the "Word document ".
Q2) Is there any way"method" to change the output type 
since the default adjustment of the outputs is a type of stretchable image? But I need the outputs of the text type. That may  help me to insert them in a given templet

Thank you

How can we manage them?

During the last few days
@Madhukesh J K

have both asked a similar question on the same topic (HPM) and uploaded both quite the same code (same name of variables, same commands and same syntax errors).
This reveals an obvious close proximity of these three OP.

Given the extreme resemblance of the three threads, my guess is that there is a single person behind those three login names who expects that asking the same question from different login names will prevent the moderators from moving the new thread to an old one, and thus keeping his question in the foreground?

Am I on the wrong track (in which case I humbly ask the three OPs to excuse my words[1])
If not, how can we prevent this type of behaviour?

[1] but, as it is likely that they are then close colleagues from the same lab they should coordinate not to ask the same question three times.

Earlier today I observed this:

What would be the reason?

What do you think is the acceptable limit to the effort required to answer a question?

At what point does the question-and-answer game between two contributors become unreasonable?

How do you, the most highly ranked, deal with situations that last for days?

In the following I show two functions f and g where ShowSolution(Limit(..)) works for f but not for g. Any idea why?


f := x^2 + x:
limit(f, x = -infinity);
ShowSolution(Limit(f, x = -infinity), maxsteps = 100);
// step-by-step solution is produced

g := x^2 + 3*x:
limit(g, x = -infinity);
ShowSolution(Limit(g, x = -infinity), maxsteps = 100);
Error, (in Student:-Calculus1:-ShowSolution) unable to compute solution steps

Maple is able to change f into an equivalent expression by factoring out x^2, but does not seem to be able to do it with g.

I attach two screenshots that show this curious behaviour.

Often, in response to a question without code, the suggestion is made to upload a Maple file using the button with the green arrow .

This happens so often that I get the impression that new users don't recognize this as the best and most efficient way to get their question analyzed and answered. Or they just don't know how to do it.

So why not adding a hint to consider uploading code just before "Suggested Tags"?

Hey everyone,

I've been experiencing some issues with Mapleprimes on my laptop. Whenever I try to access the website, it takes an unusually long time to load, and sometimes it doesn't even load at all. This is quite frustrating as I need to use Mapleprimes for my research work. I've tried accessing the website on other devices, and it works fine, so I'm confident that the issue is with my laptop. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any suggestions on how to fix it?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I have posted a question in the last couple of days:

which was taken down by this member:

where (s)he posted in a previous question of mine, that the new question is a duplicate.

You cannot find his/her reply where (s(he states that the question is a duplicate.

I have replied to his/her reply and explained that my new question is not a duplicate.

(S)he deleted his initial reply together with my reply, and substituted it with what you can see on the page now:

Please stop posting completely separate new Question threads on this issue.

This person wrongly declared that my question is a duplicate, and did not even bother to take into account my reply. (S)he can delete whatever (s)he wants, and just barks orders.

Now, is this really normal support behaviour? Why is this person shutting my questions down? Is this the kind of support a person gets for paying for an expensive software?

Where do I escalate this issue?

Yesterday (?) there was a nice question which was answered by VV using Jensen's inequality.

Where is it now?

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