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I’m starting a large project in education for which I can see great potential in the use of the “MapleCloud”.  For many of the students, the ability to see information on their phone is a game-changer. Hence while my students do have access to Maple on their computers, they are more willing to check out a worksheet if they can view it in a browser.

Unfortunately, in the little time that I have started using MapleCloud, and sharing my work with others, numerous issues have arisen. Some examples:
  * the file system is too simplistic and can be overwhelmed easily as I add content;
  * the group sharing system is too limited – one must log on, which is not true for worksheets;
  * the display of the mathematics is sufficiently quirky that it is not easy to read;
  * the hiding of input mathematics appears not to work;
  * plots, animations and the output of the Explore function fails too frequently.

So, my questions:
  1) are you using MapleCloud, and
  2) if so, for what?
  3) And if you are using MapleCloud, do you have similar problems?
  4) Have you developed solutions that you would be willing to share.

If there is no interest, I’ll look in another direction. But if there is sufficient interest, I would hope Maplesoft notices and works to correct and improve. Some of it may be my own failing to understand Maple, but instead of overwhelming MaplePrimes with questions, I would rather converse with similar interested folks.


I found that i can use  simplify under assumption to gain the result :

simplify((-p^3)^(1/3), assume = negative);

simplify((p^3)^(1/3), assume = positive);

But confusing ! I expected the simplify command just with the option=symbolic works at the same manner ?


My purpose :

simplify((-p^7)^(1/7), assume = negative);



simplify((p^7)^(1/7), assume = positive);



Without negative sign the simple symbolic result appears :

simplify((p^3)^(1/3), symbolic);



In power 3 the Imaginary part is included too !

simplify(((-p)^3)^(1/3), symbolic);




simplify((p^7)^(1/7), symbolic);



simplify((-p^7)^(1/7), symbolic);



simplify((-p^7)^(1/7), symbolic, radical);








Recently I posted a question "how to insert a loop".
Without my knowledge, the post is deleted.
Mention the reason for deleting the post.

We need a check-off box for Maple Companion in the Products category of Question and Post headers.

While you're looking at that, there's also a bug that the Product indication gets stripped off when converting a Post to a Question, which is a common Moderator action.

Is anyone accessing the redirected to this page ?


does anyone remember of a recent question (maybe a post) about a bouncing ball over a hilly ground?
I can't put the finger on it.


One decade on MaplePrimes

Always I Wish A Wonderful Year In Mathematics As Annus mirabilis

Fereydoon Shekofte

We are currently in the process of updating the support FAQs at We’ve been working on updating the existing content for clarity, and have added several new articles already.


The majority of our FAQs are from questions people ask us in Technical Support at, but we’d also like to like to add content from other sources.

Since we have such a great community here at MaplePrimes, we wanted to reach out and ask if there are any articles or questions that you'd like to see added to our FAQ.


We look forward to hearing your feedback!

I want to solve the following system using PDE Solve command but finding an error. Please help me in this regard. Thanks!


restart; d1 := 1; d2 := 1; AA := 0.2e-2; BB := 0.79e-1; L := 1;
with(PDEtools, casesplit, declare);
PDE1 := diff(u(x, t), t) = d1*(diff(u(x, t), x, x))-u(x, t)*v(x, t)^2+AA*(1-u(x, t)); PDE2 := diff(v(x, t), t) = d1*(diff(v(x, t), x, x))+u(x, t)*v(x, t)^2-BB*v(x, t);
                      /  2         \                           
         d            | d          |                  2        
PDE1 := --- u(x, t) = |---- u(x, t)| - u(x, t) v(x, t)  + 0.002
         dt           |   2        |                           
                      \ dx         /                           

   - 0.002 u(x, t)
                          /  2         \                   
             d            | d          |                  2
    PDE2 := --- v(x, t) = |---- v(x, t)| + u(x, t) v(x, t) 
             dt           |   2        |                   
                          \ dx         /                   

       - 0.079 v(x, t)
IBC1 := {u(0, t) = 1, u(1, t) = 1, u(x, 0) = 1-(1/2)*sin(Pi*(x-L)/(2*L))^100}; IBC2 := {v(0, t) = 0, v(1, t) = 0, v(x, 0) = (1/4)*sin(Pi*(x-L)/(2*L))^100}; dys1 := {IBC1, IBC2, PDE1, PDE2};
         /              /  2         \                           
         | d            | d          |                  2        
dys1 := < --- u(x, t) = |---- u(x, t)| - u(x, t) v(x, t)  + 0.002
         | dt           |   2        |                           
         \              \ dx         /                           

   - 0.002 u(x, t), 

                /  2         \                                     
   d            | d          |                  2                  
  --- v(x, t) = |---- v(x, t)| + u(x, t) v(x, t)  - 0.079 v(x, t), 
   dt           |   2        |                                     
                \ dx         /                                     

   /                                                           100
   |                                        1    /1           \   
  < u(0, t) = 1, u(1, t) = 1, u(x, 0) = 1 - - sin|- Pi (x - 1)|   
   |                                        2    \2           /   


   /                                                       100\ 
   |                                    1    /1           \   | 
  < v(0, t) = 0, v(1, t) = 0, v(x, 0) = - sin|- Pi (x - 1)|    >
   |                                    4    \2           /   | 
   \                                                          / 

pds := pdsolve(dys1, numeric, time = t, range = 0 .. 1);
Error, (in pdsolve) invalid input: `pdsolve/numeric` expects its 2nd argument, IBCs, to be of type {list, set}, but received time = t
p1 := pds:-plot(t = 0, numpoints = 50);

p2 := pds:-plot(t = 1/8, numpoints = 50, color = blue);

p3 := pds:-plot(t = 1/4, numpoints = 50, color = green);

plots[display]({p1, p2, p3});
Error, `pds` does not evaluate to a module
Error, `pds` does not evaluate to a module
Error, `pds` does not evaluate to a module
Error, (in plots:-display) expecting plot structures but received: {p1, p2, p3}

When writing a post on MaplePrimes it is possible to access the source code, which allows to introduce/edit many attributes. Is it possible to observe the source of another post?

Generally when I respond to questions on this site, I make sure that I tick the checkbox requesting that I get an email when updates are made to the thread.

I've just realised that I have been receiving no such updates for a week or so. Two possibilities

  1. Problem with Mapleprimes website, meaning that email updates aren't being generated/sent
  2. Problem with my ISP

Before I try investigating (2) above, I'd just like to know if anyone else has seen any issue which might be explained by (1) above

Surely there is some button I can click that simply shows all my posts/questions without having to search?

It has become more and more common to meet questions as labelled as "Spam". What does this classification mean?
Strangely if you click on the little red flag "Spam" it even seems that you can delete the corresponding question.
Does it mean that some people here have the power to decide if a question deserves to be answered or merits to be put on the trash?
Given that these questions are answered the same way than any other non spam labelled question, why are they labelled as spam?


Markiyan has contributed valueable mapleprimes posts and comments.  His account is unaccessible to view listed posts.  Is his information deleted?

If I create  and save a worksheet in Maple 2019, then try to up load it here, it uploads but contents won't display

No issue if I have an "identical" worksheet in Maple 2018.

See the attachment attempts below

#### Result of trying to upload Maple 2019 file here

Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ .


But "same" file from Maple 2018 "works"

# Recursive Fibonacci generator
  myFib:= proc(n::integer)
               option remember;
               if   n=1
               then return 1
               elif n=0
               then return 0
               else return myFib(n-1)+myFib(n-2):
          end proc:

  seq(myFib(j), j=0..20);

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597, 2584, 4181, 6765





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