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I am having a problem in evaluating a fluid flow problem at a boundary that includes infinity using a semi-analytic method Adomian Decomposition Method.

Find the attached code. Thanks in advance.

Just wondering how I do a loop over the contents of the table. I need both the index variable and the stored value associated with it.

This one apparently doesn't work.

F_vRk := table()

table( [ ] )


F_vRk["a"] := 1



F_vRk["b"] := 2



"for ind, val in F_vRk  do print(ind,val)  end do"

1, F_vRk





I need your help in state space system.... kindly guide me how to solve State Space system in maplesoft.....i excecute the command but i didn't find the answer....can you plz help me?I have been trying for two weeks now but it is not working.Thank you!!

Hello, we need to do an integral based on two numerically approximated functions given by a second degree coupled differential equation.

The integral:
Where xs and xu are functions of the variable t.

We wish to do a half-sums to approximate the integral, that is:

Define an N = number of points, such that we get a delta_x = L/N.

We then wish to get two vectors x_s = [x_s(0),x_s(1),...,x_s(N)] and x_u = [x_u(0),x_u(1),...,x_u(N)] by running some kind of for loop over our approximation procedure.

Is there any function for this already inside of Maple? We need to approximate the integral using Riemann sums and no other method.

When trying to print a Maple Document as a PDF on Mac, I am now getting an "Error while printing" message. A 1-page pdf is created that's empty.   This is a new error, one that I've never seen when printing as PDF for any other Maple Document I've created.

I'm running Mac OS 12.3.1, the latest version of Mac OS and using Maple 2020.

I am trying to develop a recursive code to the above equations.  Note, U,X&Y are multivariate functions (in this case bivariate functions of (x,y)) i.e. U=U(x,y), X=X(x,y) etc.

Dear all

I have a nonlinear system of algebraic equations, I would like to solve it  without using fsolve and Newton's method. 
Maybe one can use, fixed point method or Broyden's method

Can we solve the system of 4 equations, using the proposed methods

thank you 


Hope you are fine. Can i apply numerical scheme on maple for the following problem. This in integro-differential equation i think. Waiting for kind response.



could you please help me ,the maple code for this given series.


U[0](x) := x;



"U[k+1](x):=solve((k+1)*U[k+1](x)+(x*(-1)^((k-1)/(2)))/(k!)-x^(2)*((e)^(x))/(10){6/(k!)-sum((2^(k[1]))/(k[1!])(5*delta[k[]-k[1]](x)+(2^(k-k[1])*(-1)^((k-k[1])/(2)))/((k-k[1])!)+(2^(k-k[1]+1)*(-1)^((k-k[1]-1)/(2)))/((k-k[1])!)),k[1]=0..k)}-(cos^(2)(x)+sin^()(x))*((∂)^2)/((∂)^( )x^2) [U[k](x)]-(e)^(x)[sum(1/(k[1]!){1/(k-k[1])(sum(sum(1/(k[3]!)*U[k[2]-k[3]](x)*U[k-k[1]-k[2]-1](x)},k[1]=0..k),k[2]=0..k-k[1]-1),k[3]=0..k[2])),U[k+1](x)];  od;"

Error, unable to match delimiters

"U[k+1](x):=solve((k+1)*U[k+1](x)+(x*(-1)^((k-1)/2))/(k!)-x^2*((e)^x)/10{6/(k!)-sum((2^(k[1]))/(k[1!])(5*delta[k-k[1]](x)+(2^(k-k[1])*(-1)^((k-k[1])/2))/((k-k[1])!)+(2^(k-k[1]+1)*(-1)^((k-k[1]-1)/2))/((k-k[1])!)),k[1]=0..k)}-(cos^2(x)+sin(x))*((∂)^2)/(∂x^2) [U[k](x)]-(e)^x[sum(1/(k[1]!){1/(k-k[1])(sum(sum(1/(k[3]!)*U[k[2]-k[3]](x)*U[k-k[1]-k[2]-1](x)},k[1]=0..k),k[2]=0..k-k[1]-1),k[3]=0..k[2])),U[k+1](x)];  od;"





Hi! Do you know maybe how to solve equation with Laplace operator in Maple like BZ equation?

a := 0.75;
rho := u(t) + v(t) + w(t);
ode := diff(u(t), t) = 10*Delta(u(t)) + u*(-a*v - rho + 1);
ode1 := diff(v(t), t) = 10*Delta(v(t)) + v*(-a*w - rho + 1);
ode2 := diff(w(t), t) = 10*Delta(w(t)) + w*(-a*u - rho + 1);


Edit: Sorry I guess it should be function of three variables so u,v,w depends on (x,y,z) not strictle from time

I am wondering how to animate something like this from BZ equation:

Hi seniors, I am trying to generate results related to sensitivity analysis by uisng response surface methodology of a published paper but do not get the idea how to implement. could any one hel me to write about help please hape look on attached pdf.

Hydrodynamics and sensitivity analysis of calendaring process of a viscoelastic material

Let the curves y=2x^3-x^2-5x   and 𝑦=−𝑥^2+3𝑥be given.
a) Plot both curves on the same 𝑥y −axis.
b) Shade the region (between the curves).
c) Calculate the area of the region enclosed by the curves given.

Hi everyone! I'd really appreciate if I could get pointed in the right direction as I am a brand new maple user.

So im trying to solve this constrainted optimization problem (See picture) using Maple symbollically. I believe I should have a closed form solution given I can substitute the one constraint into the objective function. Specifically closed form solutions for the three phi variables.

Can someone point me in the right direction as to how I should go about this? I've already taken first order conditions and tried to using the solve() function to no avail, realizing my sytem of equations weren't linear );. 

How to plot this equation with explore or animation

E[1]:=Sum((GAMMA(((beta+1)n-gamma(nu-1))+k))/(GAMMA(((beta+1)n-gamma(nu-1)))*GAMMA(rho*k + (nu(1-mu)+mu(2 n+1))))*((omega*t^(p))^(k))/(k!),k=0..5);  E[2] :=Sum((GAMMA((gamma(n+1)-beta *n)+k))/(GAMMA((gamma(n+1)-beta *n))*GAMMA(rho*k + (mu(2 n+1))))*((omega*t^(p))^(k))/(k!),k=0..5);    y(p):=Sum(c*gamma^(n)*t^(nu*(1-mu)+mu+2*mu*n-1)*E[1]+gamma^(n)t^(mu(2 n+1)-1)*E[2]*g, n=0..5);

with the conditions

mu, nu \in (0, 1); omega \in R; rho > 0; gamma, beta > or = 0; c & g are constant

I got a solution to use D as a symbol that prints well in italic. For convienience I like to have it in my favorite palette.
When I drag `&D;` from a Maple Input line to the favorites palette, the ampersand and the statement operator are removed. Copy and paste have the same effect on the pasted selection. If  these characters are removed, `&D;` becomes the differential operator D. That's not what I want.
Is it possible at all to get `&D;` or simliar expressions using special characters within left single quotes into the favorite palette?

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