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Is there some command to find the fixed points of a function F(y)?. As my intuition suggests me.. it would not be possible to get the the values x such that x=F(x) for a general function, but.. which commands should I look at to get the values of x for a specific F (I would like to see that in the case of x is in R4.. that is x= (x1, x2, x3,x4)? Any answer will be really appreciated. J
If I point to a greek alpha symbol with my mouse it shows me a hint that I can type "alpha" for the same symbol. However, if I click it, it actually places the symbol in the document, but if I type the words "alpha" in the document it just leaves those words and doesn't replace them with the actual symbol. Is there a way to get it to replace my words with the actual symbol? I absolutely hate using the mouse as it slows down typing 10 fold. It seems however that if you don't absolutely love the mouse, you'll hate Maple. Are there any plans to make it more useable for those wishing to get on with it?
How do I get Maple to do a subscript without having to click the menu items? I just want to continue typing out my functions but seem to have to spend 1/2 my time clicking things with the mouse. Its very frustrating. Thanks, glenn
How do I insert symbols like beta, gamma and so forth? I'm wanting to keep my work looking like the questions I'm working but don't see how to insert symbols that I need. Thanks, glenn
Hello all, I'm new to maple and what I'm trying to do a just griphic the follow. I did it on my TI84 and I get the right answer but I can't get it in maple. When I try to do it in maple all I get is a liner line. y=x(11-2x)(8.5-2x) Thanks for all of the help. Thomas
first read 80 numbers(x[i]) from the file"d:\data.txt",and then solve the equations contain the x[i] and a b c (unknown).Ican not get solution but the Error: Error, (in tools/add) invalid terms in sum help me,Thank you! ************************************ > fd_0=FileTools[Text][Open]("D:\\data.txt", create= false, overwrite= false); > n:=FileTools[Text][CountFloats]( "D:\\data.txt" ); fd_0 = 0 n := 80 > x:=array(1..n); x := array(1 .. 80, [])
Does anyone know if Maple can deal with the concept of generalized coordinates ? I'm now starting to study Lagrangian Mechanics. Any materials or applications dealing with Maple's applicability to this subject may be useful. Thanks,
If I want to make a sequence of remainders of a list X,and the list consists of n/13,where n=1..5,how do I do it using the command map()?
Help! I've got a system of equations that I solve and it has four sets of solutions, ie the output looks like: [[a= ,b= ,c= ,d=- ],[a= ,b= ,c= ,d= ],[a= ,b=- ,c= ,d= ],[a= ,b=- ,c= ,d=- ]] And specifically, I'm only interested in the solutions where both b and d are positive (the second solution in the list above). Is there a way to only solve for that solution or is there a way to extract out that solution? They're not always in the same order so I can't use something like: solve(...)[1] Thank you very much!
Greetings, For a college math project i am plotting a rocket trajectory to mars using maple. First i solved a system of D.E.'s to get the position of the earth (x(t),y(t),z(t)) as a function of time. Then i did the same thing for mars. however when i use these results to solve the D.E. for the a rocket trajectory i get an error. I will post my code. Any help would be very much appreciated. Download
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I can't believe that the examples for do loops provided by the Maple tutorial does not show how to put more than one state in a do loop. Maple refers to this as a "statement sequence". Yet, an internal search of keyword "statement sequence" in Maple Help yields No Matches. Example: how can I do this simple example: for n from 1 to 10 do x:=2*n y:=3*n end do; ?
Can anyone explain how to write a 10 consecutive sequence of odd x^3 natural numbers?
Write the equation given to ordered pairs. 1. (1,2) and (9,6) y = 2. (5,2) and (3,4) y = 3. (-5,-5) and (5,4) y = 4. (4,6) and (5,4) y = 5. (-2,0) and (3,5) can sum 1 please help her im having trouble!!!!!!! thnx SOoo much =)
Hello again,

I have another simple question. I have a dynamic simulation that I've put together, and I'm solving the system of equations using "dsolve(odeset,numeric)", and all is going well there. However, I added a "product totalizer" that integrates my exit flow with the command:

Ptotal := ptot(t) = int(Fexit, t)

And that works well if the Fexit is a fixed number in my simulation. However, I wanted to change the Fexit variable at certain points in time, so I used the piecewise command:

Fexit := piecewise(`and`(t >= 25, t < 30), 2, `and`(t >= 35, t < 34), 2, 0)

The simulation looks fine with the piecewise logic, but the integration above does not. It looks like the integration resets itself to zero where the steps occur. So my questions are:
I would like to represent the frequency of the output (values of x, values of y) of the following commands.. restart: with(stats): with(Optimization):stats[random, normald](1); for i from 1 to 10 do z:= Maximize(1/3*ln(x)+1/3*ln(y), {x+y
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