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I have two sets of scatter data.  Each set has been fit by a different function which is dependent on independent variable N.  The x-axis is 1/N. 

Set 1:

Scatter data is (0.125, -4.72557), (0.08333, -4.53944), (0.0625, -4.48229), (0.05, -4.42733)

where the x-axis is 1/N with N = 8, 12, 16, 20 and the y-axis is a function in terms of N as well: -8.55704612297018*SQRT(1-0.73962210555774*COS(PI()/(N+1)))

Set 2:

Scatter data is (0.125, -1.7312), (0.08333, -1.96658), (0.0625, -2.1274), (0.05, -2.187)

Hey, I want to look into something about n! I wrote a procedure like: > myfactorial:=proc(N) > local ptlist,k: > uses plots: > ptlist:=NULL: > for k to N do > ptlist:=ptlist,(k,k!): > od: > pointplot([ptlist],color=red); > end: myfactorial(20); works fine myfactorial(50); and more than 50 it says floating point overflow.please shorten axes.. is there a way to make it work? and n! is defined as int(x^n*exp(1)^(-x),x=0..infinity); why the output is Gamma (n+1) insteas of 1? simplify(%/n!); # can give me "1" and how do i get maple to plot

What I mean is, I have a set of variable, and a set of equations. The thing is, there are a lot of variables, and not enough equations to uniquely determine them unless the 'rules' are applied, which are:

1) all xi that exist are integers between 1 and 9, i.e. xi is in {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9}

2) if xi exists, then xi<>xi+1 AND xi<>xi+10

In an effort to draw the unit normal of a vector, n, to a curve defined by a radius curve, r, the following command is inputted to Maple but recieves the error also noted below.


Error, (in simpl/abs) abs is not differentiable at 0

 However a plot of the components of the unit vector shows that it is well behaved at 0, i.e. it has values of <-1,0,0>

I'm trying to write a sequence on Maple11 that outputs the determinant of the vandermonde matrix for  a given n in terms of xi, i=1...n. The procedure shud have a single argument n so that it begins VanDet:=proc(n).


xxx nadine

I wonder if maple has a way for multiple inputs to functions.  For example, given:

f := (x,y) → x + y

is there a way to pass in (x,y) = (0,0) AND (1,1) at the same time?   I tried:


But the output doesn't make sense to me.I have wanted this feature as long as I have had maple, but gave up on this possibility.  Now by accident I discovered something quite similar. when checking maple's solution to a system of equations.

So I was searching the net and such for and idea of how to do this, i found:

The first example is pretty self explanitory, now my question is for more complicated functions is there a maple method to do this quicker, or do i have to do the beat it with a stick method?



Ok, I've got a matrix where the elements are lists of length 3, the first element tells you what sort of entry it is; the important thing to know here is that if the first entry is one then the second entry (and third) is a variable.

Hi, I'm currently using MAPLE 11

I'm trying to multiply series(about 30) matrix[ Matrix name is(F(x[k],y[k],j[k])) by using the product command


product(F(x[k],y[k],j[k]), k=1..10); 

when I use the above command the following. error occurs.

[Error, (in rtable/Product) invalid arguments]

I've figured out the product command only works for real numbers, not matrix

But the problem is ... then what command should I use?


Ok I have already defined f as a procedure earlier on, so here is where i am having a problem:


Hi Guys, im wondering if you can help me with this for loop problem

so i have the array k[20,20], so it has 400 hundred entries, each entry has a number, but one entry has a number higher  then the others,

e.g. k[1,5]=6,k[1,6]=40,k[4,4]=20

so in the loop below i intend for the a and b element of the entry with the highest value to be assigned to tempa[2,1] and tempa[2,2], but i am not getting this outcome, please have a look


My sincere apologies for this incredibly elementary question.  I just can't find the answer.  Please refer me to an appropriate resource for this information if you know of one so that I won't bother the forum with such inane questions in the future.

Here is a simplfied example of what I'm trying to do (when my code didn't work, I created progressively simpler examples until I got to this):


a := array(1..3);

for i from 1 to 3 do

    a[i] := t -> i*t

end do;


                 Is it possible to view a table of values of a function? if yes please help. For example in TI calculators a table can be viewed after plotting a graph.

for example

f(x) = x

x         f(x) 

1         1

2          4

Basically what I would like to do, which seems self-explanitory but is obviously not in the right language for maple is this (this is for a local M within a procedure where P is a matrix already defined).

TemplateMatrix:=proc(P) local M;
M:=Matrix(3, if P[i,j]=1 then (i,j)->x[i,j] else (i,j)-> P[i,j]);
end proc;

basically what i'm trying to do is turn P which is currently just a matrix of numbers into a matrix which has variables where the number 1 was previously an entry.

There are a number of facilities in Maple which may be extended. Included amongst those are `type`, `print`, `evalf`, and `latex`. The help-page ?extension_mechanism claims that all the built-in functions allow for extension. It also mentions a few system Library routines such as `verify` (but does not mention `latex`).

There are some descriptions of varying completeness in a few...

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