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I have written a loop that should create an array, but because I am solving a polynomial both solutions are given in the array. Is there a way to just select out the positive root so that I can plot with this array later? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Nick
Hello, I am working on a problem that I cannot solve for several days. Any help is welcomed :) I have a differential equation y''(x) = a * y'(x) + b * y(x) + c I have two vectors X = (x1, ..., xn) and Z = (z1, ..., zn) y(x1) = z1 y(xm)=zm I have to solve the problem by determining the 'a', 'b' and 'c' by using least square method. I am trying to use dsolve to get a solution of the differential equation and then the Optimization package to use the least square method, but I cannot get it right. Thank you very much for any help.
How can I create a 3D images in Maple 11 without entering any expression?Is it by using the new drawing tools?

I was mulling over an example that behaved differently when cut and pasted in a Document (2dmath input) and a Worksheet (1dmath maple input). The example was this,

M := Matrix([a]);
N := Matrix([b]);
(M.N+N)[1, 1];

The last line of that, in Maple 11.00, produces the product of the list [1,1] and the addition M.N+N, instead of indexing into that sum's Matrix result as it does with 1dmath input.

Is that a bug? Clearly there are...

hi... can any one give me general source code for random generator? i need to use the source code for my project... thank you..
Is it possible to produce a file of something like tab delineated data via a 2D plot object? Basically all I want to do is create a data file using the points stored in the plot structure for use in a METAPOST file, and I haven't been able to come up with anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot. Keenan
I'm working on a problem for class that requires me to use dsolve but, I'm getting a generic error when I try to use dsolve the exact same way they use it in the example. my code is: A:=matrix([[-1,0],[1,-2]]); B:=matrix(2,1,[1,-1]); ics:=x(0)=matrix(2,1,[1,0]); equ:=diff(x(t),t)=A*x(t)+B; dsolve({equ,ics},{x(t)}); Error, (in solve) invalid arguments I don't know what's wrong with this since its almost exactly like the example they give for dsolve.
My class was given this question as a final homework but we can't figure out how to solve it. We have talked to the professor on multiple occasions but he will not provide any help. If anyone knows how to solve this using maple, please help. The question is below... solve x(t) = Ax(t)+B where B=[1 -1] A=[-1 0 1 2] and x(0) = (1 0) Sorry for the matrix formatting but, I don't know how to use the math equations here.
I downloaded the files for this app but I did not see any instructions on installing this. Can anyone help me install this library? Thanks
Maple Professionals: I wish to prgramm a greedy heuristic in maple and would be more than grateful, if someone could help me, since I am no expert in programming. The problem is a simple stocking problem. There are two parts I wish to stock in my warehouse. I know their demand, delivery time and item cost. From the demand and the delivery time I can calculate the expected backorders given a specified number of units in stock based on a poisson distribution. In the greedy heuristic step by step I increase the stock of all items by 1 and then calculate the reduction in expected backorders divided by the item cost (some kind of "bang per buck"). I then compare the reduction over all items and increase the stock by one for the item with the highest reduction.

Hi ! Sorry for my english... I'm finding roots of polynoms like X²+ aX + b, a and b can be very complicated, with a lot of square roots inside. When maple gimme the roots, or when i assign some variables, it try to simplifie the output, creating "subsections" named %1 or %2 etc... For example : 4582_example2.JPG Or How can i get the output without theses "simplifications" ?

I recently purchased Maple 10. In the user manual is described that 95% of Maple is open-coded, but in fact only eval(packagename[command]) really show the program in Maple for related toolpackages.It is far away from 95%! Where am I wrong?
Good day, Working in Document Mode. I'd like to know how to break up a long expression into multiple lines for improved readability. Does Maple support a character ... or sequence of charaters to indicate continue expression to next line and delay evaluation? .... much link Matlab's "..." sequence. For example: Format coefsoln := solve({xxi = subs(t = 0, f), dxi = subs(t = 0, df), d2xi = subs(t = 0, d2f), d3xi = subs(t = 0, d3f), xf = subs(t = tf, f), dxf = subs(t = tf, df), d2xf = subs(t = tf, d2f), d3xf = subs(t = tf, d3f)}, {a[0], a[1], a[2], a[3], a[4], a[5], a[6], a[7]})
I can easily adjust the field strength in a fieldplot, with(plots):fieldplot([x/(x^2+y^2)^(3/2),y/(x^2+y^2)^(3/2)], > x=-1..1,y=-1..1,fieldstrength=log); but the same command does not work in a dfieldplot. with(DEtools):dfieldplot(diff(y(x),x)=1/2*(-x-(x^2+4*y(x))^(1/2)), y(x), x=-3..3, > y=-3..2, title=`Restricted domain`,color=1/2*(-x-(x^2+4*y)), fieldstrength=log); How can I adjust the field strength in my dfieldplot? For simplicity, I took these examples out of the help pages in Maple10.
i have a project due in my calculus class on simple harmonic motion. i have to imput the equation of s=8cos((sqrt(2)/5)*pi*t) into maple, which i can do but then i am asked to solve the equation when t is equal to 0. now i know the answer is 8 but i have no idea to make maple do that using the equation already typed in. in addition to this, i then need to differentiate the s function in order to find v and a. i am also having a hard time doing this. if anyone knows how to put these in so they will work that would be a big help.
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