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The Maple11 loglog plot does a poor job in scaling and axis.  The plot works, but, compared to something like the Scilab bode plot, the scaling and axis presentation is poor.

Someone on another forum mentioned an application that improves this.  I searched and found nothing.

Is there an application that improves this?


I want to use the STOP_COND option in dsolve when z(t)=0 and t>0.

This is because at t=0 z(t)=0, and I want it to continue until z(t) returns to 0 again.

Any ideas please?

Thomas Exercise 5.6.39 won't integrate on Maple. I tried it using int, simplify, eval, etc. But the answer won't show. The exercise is shown below.

Hi everyone.

I have a very particular situation here: I'm running a series of programs that grab string output from command line Maple as plaintext. For this reason, I don't have the normal Numerical Format dropdowns, etc., available to me for this issue.

Hi folks,

I'm trying to get the fundamental solution of


I had some troubles entering the code here, so I uploaded the maple commands here:

when I call eval(phi(x,t,xi,tau));  to calculate the fundamental solution, I always get the error 'Error, (in w) numerical exception: division by 0'.

Shouldn't my assumptions avoid this error?

Thanks for your hints!


Dear all,

     How can I fix the ratio of height to width as 0.618 when plotting figures ? The command scale=constrained seems not appropriate   If  someone  knows how to realize it , please tell me ASAP. Thank you very much ! 

Kindly regards,



f := sec(x)^2;
Int(f, x = 0 .. 5*Pi*(1/4)) = int(f, x = 0 .. 5*Pi*(1/4))

I enter the above in Mape 12 Student Edition, and the answer is infinity, but it's obviously 1.

How can I get Maple to display the obvious ?

How could I plot bifurcation for a nonlinear system using maple? For example I have the following nonlin. syst: x'=a*b*((x^2+c^2)/(x^2+1))-d*x y'=a*e*((y^3+f^3)/(x^3+1)*(g*x+1)-y for a, b c, d, e, f,g be given ; I want to get bifurcation by some parameter, e for instance.
I am using the readline command to read in values from a text file, but they are coming in as strings. How can I convert these to integers?

I am using Maple 10 and i want to export as "jpg" files multiple columngraphs. These columngraphs are generated from:

>for k  from 1 to 100 by  5 do




Then i use the command :

>for k  from 1 to 100 by  5 do




but exports only one file called "k.jpg" .

In a concurrent thread I posted the following simplification procedure

  Tryhard:= proc(expr)
    global E_in_Tryhard;
    subs(pow= `^`,
      codegen[optimize](subs(E_in_Tryhard= expr, ()-> E_in_Tryhard), tryhard))()
  end proc;

and now put into an extra blog post, as it might be helpful for others. Note, that this does not work on all constructs in Maple and certainly the package is a bit dated.

Hello clever people,

Here's an easy question for you all I'm sure (though as a novice I've been stuck on this for hours).

Why is it that when I'm using Maple 12 some of my assignments don't seem to work while others do? Most of the time I don't have a problem assigning matricies and vectors but quite often Maple doesn't seem to want to recall the contents of a variable when performing operations.

Dear all,

     How can I insert mathematical notaions in Labels when plotting figures ?  I never encounter this problem, but now it is urgent for me to resolve it.  In labels, I depict the meaning of axes and need to use some mathematical notatioons.   If  someone  knows how to realize it , please inform me ASAP. Thank you very much ! 

Kindly regards,



Dear all,

I tried unsuccessfully to plot  (in 3D) in this solution using:
imax=10, mu=5, sigma=1.5
Could any one give me an help ?

Here is the maple code


mu:=5; sigma:=1.5;

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