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Maple's gamma constant appears to misbehave.



`Maple 2020.1, X86 64 LINUX, Jul 30 2020, Build ID 1482634`

evalf(gamma);     # this one is expected


evalf(gamma(0));  # this one may be explained


evalf(gamma(1));  # how to explain this one?


Things get more puzzling.  Let's declare gamma as local:

local gamma:

Warning, A new binding for the name `gamma` has been created. The global instance of this name is still accessible using the :- prefix, :-`gamma`.  See ?protect for details.

evalf(gamma);     # this is good


evalf(gamma(0));  # expected an unevaluated gamma(0) here!


evalf(gamma(1));  # expected an unevaluated gamma(1) here!





Is there a way to prevent Maple from applying the product rule for exponents? That is, keep x*x as it is instead of automatically simplifying it to x^2. Or, alternatively, is there a way to decompose x^2 as x*x?

Moving to online learning has proved difficult to get any real 1 on 1 time or with my teachers around this question, and the help I have got hasn't helped me as yet. 

I understand that asking for homework help is probably frowned upon but I would appreciate any help, guidance or direction on how to answer the below in Maple2019. 

The general formula for a plane in the 3D space is z = ax + by + c, where a, b, c are the parameters. Alice encodes three English words to three numbers by using the Maple command "text2num". She then set up a (3,4) secret sharing scheme with the idea of the Blakley method. The four shares are four planes given by: 

z =   4x + 19y + 2515211725275120 (mod 2515211819051461)

z = 52x + 27y + 2515210613496048 (mod 2515211819051461)

z = 36x + 65y + 2515210981587340 (mod 2515211819051461)

z =   6x + 60y + 2515211676449260 (mod 2515211819051461).

Find the secret English words of Alice with Maple command 

I'm absolutely hitting a wall. The most I have found in the word "you".

Thanks in advance. 

Hi there.

It seems like a bug in modp1(('Rem')(...)) with large polynomials with large coefficients.

Please look at the file:

It needs the file polys.m there:

File polys.m too big for this forum so I used dropmefiles.

Polys.m contain two polynomials x and f_t with large degrees: degree(f_t) = m = 50021, degree(x) = 2*m - 2 = 100040 and large coefficients up to 2^N, where N = ceil(m / 2)+2 = 25013.

I just compute rem(x,f_t) mod 2^N.

As you can see in the first part of doc I decreased coefficients of polynomials by additional mod 2^N (with Embed function), where N = floor(N / 2) = 12506. WIth these decreased polynomials and decreased N modp1(('Rem')(...)) function works well and use maximum about 2.5 Gb of RAM.

But in the second part of doc with original polynomials and N = 25013 modp1(('Rem')(...)) use maximum about 3.5 Gb of RAM and crash with error:

Error, Maple was unable to allocate enough memory to complete this computation.  Please see ?alloc

This is strange and looks like a bug considering that the test server has 48 Gb of RAM.

Is it a bug or modp1(('Rem')(...)) just need more than 48 Gb of RAM?

How many RAM it needs for this computation?

Thank you

I'm a new Maple user and wondering if anyone can explain how to plot vectors similar to this image.


I have seen examples of how to construct a plot with vectors (see example) but I do not want these bold arrows. A line with an arrowhead is clearer.


Hi, a school question asked me to plot 50 terms of below fourier series. I need some help programming this plz.


(4/pi)*sum (sin (2k-1)*x/(2k-1), k=1..infinity) (k+1,k=0..n)

 I have a long list of integers looking like

   725  =  5^2 * 29

  1125 =  3^2 * 5^3

   2048 = 2^11

   4752 = 2^4 * 3^3 * 11

  For all of them I need to extract  base & exponents, namely

  for  725:   [5,2, 29,1]

   for 1125: [3,2, 5,3], etc

   "op" gets lost for integers like  2048, power of a single number.

 How to do this ?...  Thanks.

Hello, I am trying to fix the problem reported below.

I am using the 64 bit version of Maple 2020.1. I am experiencing similar problems with other java applications. So I believe it must be something related to Java.

Moreover, it looks like the local refreshing problem is following the cursor of the mouse, therefore it must be something related to the interaction of the mouse with the GUI.

I am using a I7 CPU, 32 GB of Ram and a Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070.

Is anyone experiencing something like this? How can I fix this?

Caution, certain kinds of earlier input can affect the results from using the 2D Input syntax for operator assignment.


`Maple 2020.1, X86 64 LINUX, Jun 8 2020, Build ID 1474533`


f := proc (x) options operator, arrow; sqrt(x) end proc

The following now produces a remember-table assignment,
instead of assigning a procedure to name f, even though by default
is set to true.





f(1.4), 1.4^2*sin(1.4)

1.183215957, 1.931481471



With the previous line of code commented-out the following
line assigns a procedure to name f, as expected.

If you uncomment the previous line, and re-execute the whole
worksheet using !!! from the menubar, then the following will
do a remember-table assignment instead.


proc (x) options operator, arrow, function_assign; x^2*sin(x) end proc



f(1.4), 1.4^2*sin(1.4)

1.931481471, 1.931481471




I have a small problem initializing my random variables. When I run the sheet with the!!! button, the values do not change. Do you have any ideas?


Hello Everyone,

I am fairly new with Maple, but I am slowly getting the hang of it.

For a university project I need to be able to create a form where a user can input a matrix manually.
Also, I need to have something like a ComboBox where I can input how many rows that matrix will need. (1-20 or so)

I have solved the latter part by adding a "When Use"-Code that sets my Array/Matrix of the DataTable to be a Zero Matrix with the correct dimensions in accordance with the value chosen in the ComboBox.
(This is for a composite calculation, the ComboBox gives the number of plies, the matrix defines the ply orientation)

I then expected that the ZeroMatrix would serve as the baseline and the user can then manually edit the Matrix to be the correct values manually, but this gives me the error message that the DataTable cannot be edited.
I suspect the ZeroMatrix is now the "Master", because I defined it via Code.

Working with "visibleRows" did not help, because it does not change the matrix size only the size of DataTable and the user can still scroll down.

What I need is that I have a fully editable DataTable with exactly the number of rows that I specified using the ComboBox.

Does anyone of you perhaps have an idea what I could do to achieve this?
Any help would be fantastic! :)

Best Regards,

I have been stuggling with this for a few hours. I have my function 4x^2+9y^2. I have my point (2,1,25). I found my gradient to be 16i+18j. I want to plot the level curve that contains the point (2,1,25) and the gradient together. 

I know how to graph multiple level curves but not one.

Thank you in advanced!

How to pdsolve(diff( f(a,b), a+b) = diff( f(a,b),a))?

My personal edition of Maple 2020 throws java-lang-thread for every plot3d. No further output is provided by Maple. How can I further troubleshoot this?


I am trying to use the command FileTools[Text][ReadFile] to import the contents of a text file as a string in maple, but I want to be able to identify when line breaks occur, instead of the white space that I get.

Is this possible?

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