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Has anyone used MapleSim to coordinate with Matlab/Simulink Model for the purpose of making their autocode the most effiecent?  I belive from  a webinar I watched something like this could can be an application of MapleSim.  I'm curious if anyone  has used it for that purpose?  If so, what were the challenges/benefits? Did you save in embedded memory needed (i.e. smaller autocoded files) or shorter proccesing time measured? 

When simulating an electrical circuit I decided to eliminate a subsystem block but later changed my mind. Now I'm unable to use the same name for the subsystem block as before despite the fact that there seems to be no place where it is used. Always an error "The name blabla is already in use". Can I somehow list all the names and the places where they are used?
Does anyone know a way of quantizing sensor data in MapleSim?
I cant figure out how to add friction to my translating block. This is an example of what I was trying I thought I would take the Translational friction component attach it to the current force line being applied (because the direction of motion can be extracted from it) and then attach the friction force line and the original force line to the block im moving. I have tried hooking this up in series and in parrallel (the picture is with the component in parrallel) Here is a picture because this is hard to follow:

I'm new here so apologies if the solution to this is is obvious.

I am getting the following message in Maplesim 3 when I try and run a simulation. At least I think it is an error message, could just be a statement?


Starting simulation...
Preparing model...
(in MapleSim:-Modelica:-Flatten) duplicate definition of `Main.Turbo.C`

Any tips on what this might mean would be appreciated as it means nothing to me...


I am working on the system model of an impulse radar.  My primer aim is to simulate the received signal. I use signal components and some simple elctrical circuits in the Maplesim model. First version of the system works fine, but I'd like to develop it.

I have the following problems:

- I don't find a way to put a time-delay in the system (in time-domain or in s-domain in the form of' *exp(-s*T)' )

- It seems to me that there is no direct way to add noise to the system (like Gaussian...)


I am new to Maplesim and I would like to multiply 2 voltage-time functions ( mixing in time-domain), but I have no succes with the (Mathematical-Operators-) Product component ( I can't connect it to the voltage sources). How can be done this? Thanks for your help in advance.


Sometimes it is necessary to distinguish between continuous, discrete and hybrid systems in MapleSim. One example is when you consider generating an S-function block for inclusion in Simulink models. Firstly, how are continuous, discrete and hybrid systems defined in MapleSim? Secondly, how can you confirm the type of a given system in MapleSim?

Any reference documentation would help.


I'm currently working on modelling a system for a design project, and I would like to incorporate my sensor's precision. If I wanted to measure an angle, but only to a precision of say, 0.3 degrees, would I have to build a custom component or is there some clever way to do this?


There is something profoundly satisfying when something that goes “viral” on the Web has some connection to your life. This happened recently when I and my colleagues were pointed towards a video of some laboratory robots that somehow drew almost a million views on YouTube alone. For an engineer,...

Dear all,

I'm stuck here with a parameter passing issue, I understand that the parameters I define are global to all items "below", incuding nested subsystems, this seems logical and works nicely in MapleSim.

Dear all

I get a nasty message when trying to "Analys" a module representing some hardware with an analog output clipping signal (standard MapleSim block): " ...cannot create DynamicSystems with Model that consists of bolean equations ..."

I have Maple 12, and not MapleSim.  Has anyone stumbled across something that "runs on top" of Maple that is similar to COMSOL Multiphysics that runs on top of MATLab?  I'd like to figure out (without writing the Maple code myself...) how to import some simple 3D geometries and run some (possibly symbolic, probably numeric) simulations of electromagnetic and heat flow phenomena.  COMSOL uses FEM.  Is this something MapleSim could do?  I don't need anything that'll do "real world" geometries (i.e.

Let say that I want two have two inputs nods that each should give a random variable and one node

that simply adds them together and plots the result. How could that be accomplished ?!


I have a very simple problem. How to create custum component similrar to real expresion block (this block doesn't accept piecewise function) who generates piecewice function f:=x->piecewise(x<=2,0,x>=2 and x<=6,exp(-2x),x>=6,0) on output and nothing on input. When I modificate algebraic equtation template and input piecewise function there is an eror who doesn't accept the syntax for piecewise.


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