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I would like to know if it´s possible to generate a standalone .exe program based on Maplesim models, to be used out of maplesim and integrated with other tools i have.

I can use compilation in maplesim, but this just speed up the simulation, without giving to me a compiled external code.

I´m having to export maplesim modelica model to openmodelica environment, and generate an exe code there. the input and output parameters are transformed into text...

A new release of MapleSim is now available.

MapleSim 4.5 Highlights

  • Enhanced Modelica support, including the ability to access new collections of components using the Modelica import feature

  • Increased speed and modeling capabilities for continuous systems with discrete events. The enhanced engine handles a far greater class of these systems than earlier versions, and shows significant...

I built the shock model in MapleSim


then I got the response accleration


For this curve, I want to solve its fourier series in Maple.

Do it work?

thinks in advance.

this is the msim file


I want to simulate the model as show in Fig.1 

Fig. 1

Its equation of movement is 


and its mathematical solution can be caculate as Fig. 2

I made a model in MapleSim 4, and an error occurred after I pushed the
button of 'simulate the model'.Maplesim froze at the step named

'CreateDataRecord: using dsolve method=rosenbrock_dae'. But it was Ok

when this file was simulated in Maplesim 3.


Is here anybody met the same problem?

I made a model in MapleSim, and I want to analysis it in Maple.
But there was an error when I used the 'get equations' buttom.

and my piecewise equation is 

Is there any problem to this equation?
I really didn't know how to solve it.

In MapleSim, I need a half-sin signal source element.

Of couse, I yielded a half-sin puls by using the combination of 2 sine souce elements and add element.

But i think it is not the best way. I want to use custom element in Maple to create it,

but I don't know how to write the equation code in Maple.

Please help me.


On Tuesday August 10, 2010, the first meeting of an ad hoc group focused on exploring the use of MapleSim in the engineering curriculum met at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  Faculty from McMaster University, Kettering University, Lawrence Technical University, University of Waterloo, Ryerson University, University of Ontario Inst. of Technology, and the State University of New York (Buffalo and Binghamton).

The full-day workshop provided an ideal...

I don't quite understand about some parameters of flexible beam. Please introduce  briefly.
1. Truncation order of inertial terms
2. Truncation order of elastic coordinates
3. Number of elastic coordinates

I have tried to make a pendulum with flexible rod (see file and figure), but have faced a problem. How can I set the initial angle of the rod deviation from a local vertical (alpha)? TSDA does not give such possibility.

And the second question: how to measure this angle during motion, and also an angle of a body deviation relatively to a rod (psi)? Probes allow to measure only angular velocity. How to get an angles?

There is a example "3D rigid slider crank" in the MapleSim examples. Replace the "crank" and the "rod" with flexible beam, turn it into a flexible system, how to do that?

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much.
As you say, the rigid body frame components, can define the end points of the link. But what about "the flexible beam", how to define its endpoint? The "maplesim help"  say "the beam is straight and its neutral axis is aligned with the x axis of the primary frame", then its deformation is measured.  I think in a system, the flexible beam is used together with the rigid body frames, but it always point to the direction of the x axis,...

For example, the simple pendulum length changes by the law

l = l_0+a*t

where a - constant, t - time, l_0 - link length at t=0.

How it is possible to model such system? Is it possibly to change r_XYZ in Rigid Body Frame under this law or it is necessary to go by another way?


I have got few quick questions once i have gone through the features of MapleSim connector and here are they.

  • Can we use the S-function created by MapleSim with Targetlink
  • If I am doing the HIL simulations, how does MapleSim take care of solvers. Do we need to write the device drivers and tlc files or the tool takes care of it.
  • How do I go about doing HIL simulations if my model is discrete.

Would appreciate if...

How can I save the simulation data from a MapleSim model into a file?
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