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I want to make a model with an inner moving circle touching a non-moving, stiff outer circle. 2 differential equations describe the movement of the inner circle, i already have modelled thisand i have the x and y coordinates of the most "exposed point" which will touch the outer circle, as output variables (i could also add the derivatives as output). When the 2 circles touch, i want to "tell" the differential equation model the 2 new derivatives for x and y...

Hello, MaplePrimes!

Could you please tell me, how to select which variables are “input” and which ones are “output” during a custom component definition in MapleSim?

Thank you.

Question: (how to do this)

Write a procedure that takes as input a lowercase text string and returns a list 26 integers.
the fist entry is a count of the number of letter 'a's,the second the number of lette 'b's ,.... , the 26th the numberof letter 'z'.

Thank you 


Could you please tell me, how can I model a varying stiffness spring using MapleSim 4?

I think, this can realized using a varying "c" parameter of a standard spring from the MapleSim library, but I don't know, how I can change the "c"-stiffness value during the modeling process.

Thank you.

I would like to know how to find an extreme (max) point of function of two variables:

and how to manage with this error

"Warning, solutions may have been lost


1.For win 8, does there exist an arm version maple in future?

2.Will it possible to use gpu acceleration for symbolic computation in maple?

A prospective customer recently asked if we had a MapleSim model of a double pipe heat exchanger. Heat exchangers are a critical unit operation in the process industries, and accurate models are needed for process control studies.  I couldn't find an appropriate model so I decided to derive the dynamic equations, and implement them using MapleSim's custom component interface.  I'll outline my modeling strategy in this blog post.


These days I thought a question:how to creat a variable delay?

As illustrated in Fig.1, if delay time T is constant, then the output is y(t)=u(t-T), so we can use a block named "Pade Delay" in maplesim to achieve our purpose.As shown in Fig.3.

If delay time is variable,namely,T(t), then the output is y(t...



I use maplesim to simulate a very simple circuit, and want to obtain voltage of a resistor, so I check the voltage of  Probe block, but get nothing. I upload my document.

I'm a beginner in maplesim, can you give me some advices?


it's my first utilisation of MAPLE, and I want to determine the max of a function y(x). I have this differentiel equation with 2 variables :

a*diff(y(x),x,x) + b*(diff(y(x),x)-diff(z(x),x)) + c*diff(y(x),x) + d*y(x) + e*(y(x)-z(x))= 0;

I resolve it whith the function "dsolve", and now and I want to calculat the max of the function y(x).

can any body help me ??!!!



My father’s first car when our family moved to North America was a 1970 Buick Skylark sedan, and the color was a majestic deep green. I was seven years old at the time and this was my first experience with a green car. It’s ironic that my life in North America started with a green car and has come full circle with green cars all over the place as far as my job is concerned. But of course, today’s green car is really about highly fuel efficient cars...



I use maplesim to simulate a simple delay system,as the document illustrated,I set the delay values from 0 to 4*Pi/(3*sqrt(3)) . I want to use a single souce to drive four branches, and use "probe" block to generate a figure which contains four curves according to different delays. So I use  a block "4-port Demultiplexer" which selected from Signal Blocks\Routing\Demultiplexers,...

I am working on hybrid dynamical systems an encounter the warning: "dependencies in discrete equations cannot be ordered". What does this mean and should I care about it?

Like many in the technology industry, I am a big fan of science fiction films and I’ve written in the past about how exciting it is for me to have a job where science fiction and reality literally meet. Over the past few months, several key projects from various Maple and MapleSim users caught my attention for various reasons and once again, I was forced to giggle publicly as the shear cool factor of these applications overcame my normal mature demeanor.

I am looking to use MapleSim in my MSEE Thesis project. I need to capture input from a hardware system, then use that data to drive a model in MapleSim, using MapleSim as a 3D kinematic model.

I have been using Python for most of my work so far, so that would be a preferred language, but I am also comfortable with C++, it just takes longer.

I am brand new to MapleSim (I have not even received it yet), so if there are some documents you could point me to, then that would be just great!

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