Question: About the projection method used in Maplesim


On my multibody model, I meet a mistake during the simulation which is the following :

"Constraint projection failure at 10s".

1) Do you have a idea on this error message so as to correct the settings for the simulation?

2) I would like to know more about the projection method. If, I'm not wrong, there is not a lot of documentation about the projection method used in Maplesim. 

   a) Does someone have some references (scientific papers) which present the theory used for the projection method in Maplesim?

   b) In ths sense, I would be very interesting about learning the theory of the projection method in order to be able to tune correctly the following options linked to the projection method :

- Projection Iterations
- Projection Tolerance
- Event Projection
- Event Iterations
- Event Hysteresis

Thanks a lot for your help.

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