Question: Trying insanely hard to create some graphs

So I am brand new here and am here as somewhat of a last resort, I was in the hospital for a large portion of my semester (Junior Yr Computer Engineering/Electrical Engineering double major) and I am trying to get through the makeup work for my calculus class. The assignments are on maple, and I have been able to do all the actual solving parts with no issue but several of the problems require you to generate a graph as well and I have been working on it for literally 11  hours to no avail. I'm hoping maybe someone here can help me with what the input should be if I list what the graphs of the ones I am stuck on are (somehow managed to get 2 of them to work, but not the rest). No worries if not/if this is the wrong forum for this I am sorry, but I have cycled through every tutoring website I could find and the error I'm getting keeps linking to a page that says there is not a help page available for the error. So heres the problem I am stuck on (as I said I was able to do the solving for each section myself, I just cant get the graphs to work to save my soul):

2. Graph the following with maple:

a) the cardioid r = 8+8sin(theta) and find its area

b) the first octant portion of the surface z=25-x^2, 1<=y<=8 and find the volume of the solid over the xy plane under the surface

c) the solid common to the cylinders x^2+z^2=16 and y^2+x^2=16 and find the volume of the common region

d) the cylinder x^2+y^2=36 and the sphere x^2+y^2+z^2=100 together, then find the volume outside the cylinder and inside the  sphere

e) the region inside the one sheeted hyperboloid x62+y^2-z^2=36 between z=-8 and z=8 and find the volume of the region

f) the "ice cream cone" formed by the  upper half of the sphere x^2+y^2+z^2=400 and the cons z=sqrt(3x^2=3y^2), then find the z-coordinate of its center of mass written as a rounded decimal number with 3 places, assuming density is constant. 

Yeah, that is one of 11 problems on the project I know its a ton. Anyway like I said I am kind of posting this as a hail mary but if anyone can help me with what the input is supposed to be on any of these at all I would be eternally grateful, as I have 2 more of these projects to make up from while I was in the hospital and I have been on this one question all night. I will literally take ANYTHING. Thanks so much for reading and for anyone who takes the time to help out. 

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