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I need to do the integral of a certain function by using

a) Rectangles method

- Would it be sum(f,x=a..b,n) ?

b)Trapezoid method ( I can not use trapezoid() )

c)Simpson's method ( I can not use simpson() )

I know how to do them without Maple, but with Maple I have no idea.

Hi everyone,

i plotted a graph last time, and Maple showed a very clear graph. But when i Opened my file on the next day agian and re-enter t to my input. Maple gave me a string of number instead of graph. Even to teacher's guide as well, sometime Maple gives nicely graph, but mostly a string of number. Can anyone give me solution ? Thx a lot


My graph:


Dear all,

I'm looking for your help on

How to solve my problem in withhere file

How to plot the solution

How to convert the solution in matlab or in C code

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Thank you for your great support !

I am trying to solve this ode numerically in Maple 11.


ode1 := (diff(y(x), x))^2+4*c*(diff(y(x), x))+4*c^2*y(x)/(1-x^2);


dsn3 := dsolve({ics, ode1}, numeric);


But I get the following error:


Error, (in DEtools/convertsys) unable to convert to an explicit first-order system


What does this error mean?  The function y(x) is valid on {0,1}



HI to everybody, I have to manipulate a system of partial differential equation,one by can I do? I have in particolat to derive a lot of time my differential equations(shallow water equations),and then to group, to substitute and at the and I need time derivative in function of spatial derivative. How is the best choice for working? I think to define for example:

pde := diff(q(x, y, t), t) +(g*D-u^2)*(diff(h(x, y, t), x))-2*u*(diff(q(x, y, t), x))=0


How can I get the powers of "y" for all terms in eq1:

eq1:=A*(k+1)*y^n+(k+2)*y^(n+1)+12*y^n+k*y^6 +... other terms

where A,k, = consts, n::posint

,for example, as a list  [n,n+1,n,6,....]

Thanks in advance - jerzy 

hi everone,

i m new user . My dad just got for me MAPLE 11 last week. So interested! But when i do sloving equtaion 2*cos(x) - exp(x)= 0 interval -3..3. Maple only give me 1 solution instead of 2 solutions . I wonder if i my imput date is wrong. Can anyone help me, thx!

probably I should not have written my question as a comment here, si I now put it as a new topic. Thanks for your time and help.

The problem is to evaluate as effectively as possible an n-fold sum of N additions, e.g., for n=3

FF := proc (N) options operator, arrow; evalhf(add(add(add((1/2*1/3*1/4)*(1/2)^j*(3/4)^g*(2/3)^i/(.4*i+.4+.1*j+.1+.3*g+.3), i = 0 .. N), j = 0 .. N), g = 0 .. N)) end proc

In one of the good books on Maple, an advice was to use external text editor of your choice if yoru code is likely to be more than 10 lines. I know there are WinEdt for laTex, RWinEdt , TinnR or Emacs for R, but what  is best for Maple? What will highlight Maple syntacis, commands, etc? What's available and what's good?  Thanks.

In menu Options/Interface I chose to open worksheets as a new tab. That's convenient. However, I cannot figure out how to make Maple 11 start up with the same set of tabs/worksheets automatically loaded when I turn on my PC to use Maple next time. Thanks.


hi i need to plot xlogx^k for x small and positive and k=1,2,3... could anyone help me pls

 Hi All,

I'm trying to copy from my Maple 11 document into this box but I am not able to so I am going to have to explain what is happening.

I am trying to intergrate the indefinite integral of exp(x)dx and Maple 11 comes back with exp(x) divided by lnexp(x)squared.  This amounts to exp(x) over two which is clearly wrong.

Please tell me what is going on???

Thanks in advance.





I am using Maple 11.02 on win xp sp2 in classical worksheet


I put







maple give me nothing at all  ?? just like I typed  " : " instead of  "  ;   "






I have been doing some ODEs question and I want to check them with Maple 11Classical Worksheet  in windows xp sp2.




then the output got 4 answer

I was wondering if there is something to keep it in the form like

y^4 = f(x)  ??

Thanks in advence

Hello, i get the following error each time maple i started:

FlexIm error: -88,309 "System clock has been set back"
Maple asks to reactivate, once done that successfully Maple says that after starting Maple again everything will work properly. But it doesn't work, I get once again the same error and the question to reactivate.

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