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Hi Guys, i have a forloop problem.

I have a nxs matrix, where s=sum((k),k=1..n-1), so when n=3, s=3, when n=4,s=6 and so on.

I need to code each column number lexicographically for cartesian pair (i,j) where i<j, so when n=3, the columns would be



and when n=4 we have



Is there a spherical harmonics package available anywhere ?


I may have to start using vector spherical harmonics and don't really feel like fighting with Maple, and the Legendre and Associated Legendre functions on my own.




Hello, I have a question regarding the behavior of the numeric event division_by_zero. The documentation of ?event says that "A division of a non-0 number by 0 should signal a division_by_zero event. The default action is to return a correctly signed infinity, if possible, and otherwise an undefined. This event is also properly signaled when an attempt is made to evaluate a function at an infinite singularity, e.g., ln(0)." Yet, when using the default settings, I get the following output: > NumericEventHandler( division_by_zero = default ): > 1/0;

I been trying to make a Maplet that will solve some numerical analysis problems, those problems or indeen the solution of them are composed of iterations.

I would like to show such value iterations on a table in a Maplet interface, with no success.

for my logic, this should work.


But I get an error telling me that the value is not settable.

It doesn't make sense to me to have a control that I can't modify its contents at runtime?

Any ideas about how to do this?




I am doing some ODEs and I met the following problem...


The original problem is




and knowing the solutions contains efr function.


After several lines of calculation I got




then maple gives me the answer






Can someone have a look at this





maple gives me


-sum(_R*(_R-2)/(3*_R^2-4*_R)*ln(m-_R),_R = RootOf(-1+_Z^3-2*_Z^2))


what dose this imply?


Thanks in advance


I have gone through all the maple videos that are linked to from the Maple Software, and was just wondering if anyone knows of any other places on the net where i can get maple videos, for free or paid?

I have learnt ten times more watching the videos than i did when using a book.

I still get stuck, but then i just come on here and ask.


Thanks All


I am trying to get Maple to help me solve an integral equation.  I tried the solve command, which I suspected wouldn't work.  I was right, but I do not know how else to approach the problem.  Here is what I did:


solve(int(f(t), t = 1 .. x) = 5*x^2+7*x-3, f(t))


Of course this produced an error.  Any suggestions?  Thank you.

Hi everybody,
I would like to speed up my program because it is very slow for large input data
this program calculate arithmetic coding for input data

# calculate frequency table 
local k;
global cp:
for k to N do
if (input[k]=x) then cp:=cp+1 fi


My maple 11.02 appears to have some problem of lunching...

I can start Classical Worksheet though, but not Maple 11...


error:  cannot creat the java virtual mechine


I have tried to re-install Maple after uninstalling ,however it dose not help..


someone has any suggestion?


Thanks in advance

I hope to reimplement an expensive algorithm in Maple over windows. The suggestion I got is to write it in C and call it inside Maple. However, the algorithm itself is quite complicated and the linux version uses saclib2.1 library which provides many useful implementations of numerical routines. 

I therefore wonder if Maple provides its own C or C++ math libraries, so that I don't need to implement everything by myself?


How do I ask maple to differentiate y^2+(x-c)^2=c^2 w.r.t.  x ?


it's defnitely not implicitdiff

I think I knew this before...then I just cant remember...


Thanks in advance.

> c:=-4:
> FM1:=DEplot(diff(y(x),x)=-c/x^2,y(x),x=-10..10,y=-10..10,color=red):
> FM2:=DEplot(diff(y(x),x)=x^2/c,y(x),x=-10..10,y=-10..10,color=green):
> display(FM1,FM2);


how can I join the direction fileds together?

i mean just like plooting the solutions of the ODEs..


I want to do with "linestyle"..tried, but dosent seem to work...

Just wondering what the easiest way is to extract data from an excel spread sheet so that it can be used as data in a maple worksheet.  For that matter, what other database programs can I use with maple?





Is Maple (student version) appropriate for typing non-professional documents containing trigonometric graphs and 2D shapes?

I would like to plot functions like sin(x)  with the horizontal axis labeled in multiples of pi, and draw polygons with angles labeled.

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