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Hi from Italy. In the linked file we are asking you if someone of you is able to help us.. Sorry, we've to solve a problem before tomorrow evening... Helpppppp, please!!!!! Thank you very much! coala Download 3743_AK model maple.doc
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Before I get completely obfuscatory with this, let me try to explain what I m trying to accomplish: I want to generate a display of an x solution for each value of n to the expression x^n - sum(x^i,i=0..n-1)=0 where n=2..12. Would anyone be able to provide the proper Maple expression(s). Thanks.
Hello, I have problem with uploading files generated from Maple 10 with task help to Maple TA server. Could you help me someone please? I create maple mw files form task help and then I save this mw to maple ta zip file and then I would like to upload this question file to Maple ta server, but it is not work and I do not know while. It occures an error Errors loading the question bank: Reason: Error at line 1. Unrecognized escape character: \? Where is the mistake? Thank you Vladimir
How can I convert an expression into a function? For example, let's in the course of some calculations I get the output: x + sin(x) How can I convert this into f:=x->x+sin(x) without really spelling it out? Thanks in advance.
Hello I have been using MATHcad for several years and now i want to switch MAPLE. The problem is that i have so many mathcad files and i would like to transfer them to maple. Does some body know the way to do that? Thanks!
Hi! Basically what I want to do if for Maple to create a random walk based on the following information. Input variables would be the starting value of the walk, a fixed increment by which the value can either increase or decrease, p - the probability of an increase (where 1-p is the probability of a decrease) and the total number of steps/days etc... to apply this over. So basically at each point I want the program to decide whether to increase or decrease (by a fixed amount) based on the probabilities. Is this possible? Any help would be much appreciated. I have some vague knowledge of maple its just the how to apply the increase/decrease according to the probabilties that is confusing.
I am migrating to Maple from Mathematica. In Mathematica I could apply a function to a lsit. for example. In Mathematica I could.... a={3,4,5} Sin[a] will result in a list of solutions {ans1, ans2, ans3} is there a similar command in Maple??
Is there any source at that gives a comprehensive guide as to how to use Maple 10. I didn't like the Maple user manual one can download from the site. Thanks in advance !!
I am new to Maple 10. When I enter cos(pi) I get cos(pi symbol) as the output. WHen I enter cos(pi symbol) I get -1 as the output. Why doesn't Maple recognize pi as the pi symbol and get me -1? Also I get error with the following but it works when I use the pi symbol instead of pi: plot([sin(x),cos(x)],x=0..2*pi) Can't Maple tell theat pi is same as the pi symbol.
I am getting an Invalid Arguments error when I try to perform the following operation. LLL([[N^2,0,N*b,0,b^2,0],[0,N^2*X,N*a*X,N*X*b,2*a*X*b,X*b^2],[0,0,N*X^2,N*X^2*a,(2*b+a^2)*X^2,2*a*X^2*b],[0,0,0,N*X^3,2*X^3*a,(2*b+a^2)*X^3],[0,0,0,0,X^4,2*X^4*a],[0,0,0,0,0,X^5]]); Error, (in IntegerRelations:-LLL) invalid arguments I'm not sure what is causing this. It is a valid matrix. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I have just now tried to print a document from Maple, and have discovered that it is not very simple. My main question is: why does Maple print items such as legends of plots when in the document I have checked that I do not want the legend shown? There are other examples, but they are fairly similar. Jack
Hello, I have seen some Maple ebooks that use a *.mwz files. It requires a key to open them. I would like to be able to create this too. Could you help me please? Thank you Vladimir
Hi all, I'm scratching my head over the logic behind Maple's (I'm using version 10) overloaded operators. Consider the code attached below, it is a verbatim copy of the operator overloading example from the Maple online help. Using this example, it calculates the product of two quaternions, which yields the correct result, and then the dot product of two quaternion-valued 'LinearAlgebra,Vector's -- resulting in the unevaluated product of two quaternions, in the wrong order to boot: > a := Quaternion(0,1,0,0): > b := Quaternion(0,0,1,0): > > A := Transpose(Vector([a])):
I have a 3x3 matrix that has large expressions for some of the elements. Within Maple it displays correctly in Typeset mode with two large brackets defining the matrix. When I print the workbook this matrix prints in Maple text format with lots of nested [...]. Smaller 3x3 matrices print in Typeset mode just fine. What governs when Maple switches from printing matrices in Typeset mode to Maple text mode? Is there any way I can force a matrix that displays properly in Typeset mode to print properly in Typeset mode? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Neill Smith
How do I solve an equation such as this: (diff(V(t),t))^n*(V(t)+Vp)+(diff(V(t),t))^(n+B)*(V(t)*A1+Vp*A2)=C boundry: V(0)=0 I want to solve this equation bz numeric methods. But Maple don=t want to solve.
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