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Dear all

Can anyone suggest how the following code could run faster?


I used maple to solve a 4th order ode:


avec h2:=x->h2I*exp(d*x):

I have 2 questions:

-I can get a solution only with precise values of parameters (g, h, d etc...) but I would like a literal one.

And again, I've got a problem with drawing graphs with DrawGraph. I've generated some scale-free networks with Barabasi's algorithm (not implemented in Maple 12. I did that myself).
Now, I wanted to display these graphs in a nice way, in which you can clearly distinguish the hubs from the other nodes. I thought that the "style=spring" command would do so, but it puts nodes very near to each other, sometimes even overlapping.
Is there another solution to draw such a scale-free network in a nice way?
Thanks for helping.

I would like to investigate the JCHelpCallBack example using OpenMaple. The sample can be found under the directory,


I've set LD_LIBRARY_PATH. And I can compile and run the jcmaple.java sample. That starts up what appears to be a commandline Maple session. And within that session I can issue the help query ?int OK. I can also issue INTERFACE_HELP(display,topic=int) and that too works, although it dispays as double-lined.

How do I convert a 2D expression constructed with MathMLEditor to a normal 1 D string? I know that example 6 from the maplet builder tutorial does this, but the result is often in a prefix notation. For example, if I enter "x-square + 1" as a 2D expression in the MathMLEditor, the result is `+`(x^2,1). I would like to get more normal x^2+1. I have examined the code generated by the maplet builder and experimented with options in the MathMLEditor and MathML[Import], but to no avail. Is there a way to convert the prefix notation to the more normal infix?

My login is rejected and I need a new password, again, and again.

I tried it under

Windows Xp- Firefox2.16, Firefox3, IE7, Opera9

Linux(Ubuntu)-Firefox2.14, Opera9

Since it is very uncomfortable I ask help, idea, suggestion.

Many thanks in advance and sorry a little bit off-topic.


To all,

I am trying to plot a procedure phi(beta, x) which uses dimensional units (length).  The code listed below returns an error message regarding "invalid units".  I have redefined the standard units to report length in inches, but I don't see why this should prevent me from plotting the procedure over a range of x (the procedure works when the arguments are specified discretely.  Thank you for your assistance.

Define constant beta:

I need mentorship and material that is going to assist me in how to use maple.

         I need help with this problem !!!!!!!!   My brain is turning to mashed patato's  Thank-You

  In a study on infants, one of the characteristics measured was head circumfrence. The mean head circumference of 15 infants was 34.6 centimeters (cm).

The data in the table represents the ages of the winners of an award for the past five years. Use the data to answer questions (D) and  (E)

39     40


48     48



Hi all,
> deq := diff(theta(t), t, t) = -g*sin(theta(t))/L;

I have a particular system of partial differential equations to which I want to apply a change of variables involving square roots using PDEtools[dchange]. The result turns out to be not in a simple form due to the square roots. Why is this so ? Is there a better way solving the problem than the one I am suggesting below ? The system of partial differential equations of interest is the following:

Hallo Everybody,

I hope someone can help me.

I want to solve numerically the diffusion equation,

          diff(csh(rh, t), t) = Dif*(diff(rh^2*(diff(csh(rh, t), rh)), rh))/(r0*rh^2)

          where "Dif" is the diffusivity and "r0" is the initial value of rh (the equations were normalized).

subject to the following boundary and initial conditions:

I'm using Maple V R4 for OS/2 (the last version available for OS/2), and have two software questions:

- How do I change the font used in the math expression bar?
In the present font, which is fixed width, the parentheses
and bracket symbols, () and [], are almost indistinguish-
able. I'd like to use another fixed-width font that does
not have this problem.

- There seems to be a limit to the number of characters that
the expression bar will hold, limiting the size of the ex-
pression appearing in a text setting. Is there a way to
increase this limit?


I’m using maple 11. In my problem, I’ve five axioms: 

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