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Two quick questions:

1. How do I permanently delete a class from Maple TA, i.e. so I won't be able to restore it?

2. If I have created a class that has a parent class. How do I remove the parent class dependency.



In our assignments students may may make the questions and grade four times (the number of attempts is set to 4). Unfortunately the review feedback button has disappeared, so that students are not able to know which questions were still incorrect.

The policy is exactly the same as in previous assignments and in those the review feedback button always appeared.

Does any one know what is wrong, and more importantly how can I correct this problem?

kind regards,

Harry Garst (troubled instructor)


We have an assignment that is now "closed" so further student work on it is impossible.

We would like to extract final results, but can't force grade all the remaining assignments because a handful of students are logged on and so (even though they can't be doing this assignment), this assignments can't be force-graded.

Is there some way round this, or is this another design flaw and we just have to keep on force-grading until we catch them all offline?

Toby Bailey


How can I derive the root diagram of the SU(2) group by using the Pauli Matrices?



I am trying to modify a solution to a non-homogeneous boundary value problem presented in Dr.

Hi everyone,

If you want to paste a link, click on the globe beside the maple leaf.

To follow a link like uwaterloo.ca 

put your cursor on it, press Ctrl and click and a new tab will open!

The attached file reviews optimization problem solving and also shows you to solve hard problems though Maple's Optimization Assistant.

The file attached shows you how useful the Curve Analysis tutor is. When you enter-in a function, the Curve Analysis tutor will produce a graph of the function that shows all of the critical points of the curve, along with the maximum, minimum and inflection points.

Hi- I've been trying to figure out how I can customize a palette so that includes unicode characters that aren't included in any palette already. I have a habit of using symbols from languages that aren't customary in the math world for some of my work. I use a lot of Japanese characters as well as some from various other languages.

The attached document shows you how to solve an initial value problem. Moreover, it shows you how to use Maple's ODE analyzer which makes it really fast and easy to solve and plot the solutions of differential equations.

Maple's powerful notation allows you to enter math expressions that look natural.

The following steps will show you how easy it is to write expressions.

Example 1:  Write   2*x/5

  1. If you're on the Student Center forums, click on the red maple leaf to insert maple ma

In Maple, suppose we would like to enter the function f(x)=3*x+7 and we want to know what the function is at x=3.

Below are a few simple steps that will show you how to achieve this.

  1. Make sure you're in math mode. Type f, followed by a colon [:] and an equal sign [=]. The colon-equals notation assigns the content on the right-hand side to a variable name on the left-hand side. I

i would like to know any of you guys have any ideas on forecasting economy. basically using different equations and its command in Maple?

The Maple11 loglog plot does a poor job in scaling and axis.  The plot works, but, compared to something like the Scilab bode plot, the scaling and axis presentation is poor.

Someone on another forum mentioned an application that improves this.  I searched and found nothing.

Is there an application that improves this?


Hi folks,

I'm trying to get the fundamental solution of


I had some troubles entering the code here, so I uploaded the maple commands here: http://pastebin.com/m2765fda0

when I call eval(phi(x,t,xi,tau));  to calculate the fundamental solution, I always get the error 'Error, (in w) numerical exception: division by 0'.

Shouldn't my assumptions avoid this error?

Thanks for your hints!


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