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I’m using maple 11. In my problem, I’ve five axioms: 

i am deriving lagrangian shape function symbolically for an 1-D element of order p in FEM....so the eleemnt will have p+1 nodes....


                                   N(k,i) = product((X-Xother)) / product(Xcurrent-Xother)

Hallo dear proffesionals of Maple

I use Debian 4.0 r3 version with gcc compiler v 4.xx

I have installed properly in my computer the Maple 11 version.

the problem is :

Does anyone here know of any Maple code (public, or in the Maple Library, or on www.mapleapps.com, etc) that implements alpha-beta pruning?

I would like to see some examples of how this can be implemented and used in Maple, and possibly learn from it.

I like the access to colors and pen size at the top of the drawing canvas.  But when I re-open a file that has a canvas, all the pen work reverts to the smallest width.  I tried opening the same worksheet in version 11 and the width of the pen was preserved; so the information must be in the file.  When I change the width of lines and arrows, that change is saved.


I am on a OS X 10.5.  Is this a bug or a feature?

I recently asked about HTTP Requests and found out it could be done with either a Socket or with the HTTP package. The reason I asked is that I would like to connect to Blackboard (Course Management System). I would like Bb to launch a Maple worksheet or maplet and then Maple to be able to insert grades into the Bb gradebook. Does anyone know how to do that?

Hello fellow digitheads, I'm running the spanking new Maple 12 and I would like to graph the rather harmless expression for wave motion a sin(x - v*t) When I type it in and bring up the Plot Builder assistant it gives me the option (among many) of making one variable the animation variable and the other two "slidable". When I hit "Plot" an "Interactive Parameter Maplet" pops up where I can slide the value of those parameters while it cycles through the animation.

I´ve got problems with solving this task! Please help me with the solutions. Maybe someone knows how it works. I solved it from 1-4 and don´t know 5-8



The Crank - rocker consists of rocker 1, coupler 2 and rocker 4. It´s connected with swivel joints. The rack is fixed.
We look at the  point mass m in A and the torsion spring (with damper) in B0. The weight and the inert force because of the motion affect in A (vx,vy ax,ay). All other components are without mass, rotary inertia could also been disregarded.

Hi everybody,

I've got a numerically computed 2D free energy profile given by a set of 3D points (x_n,y_n,E(x_n,y_n)). I'd like to obtain a fit to those points given by some sufficiently smooth analytical function E(x,y) and subsequently compute the critical points (i.e. local minima, maxima and saddle points). Does anyone know if there is any specific package to do this in Maple 8 (or higher) or else what is the best strategy to do so? Thanks in advance.

Hey its Paul, I have another similar post to this one where I ask this question as a continuation of a question I had previously asked. However I am going to keep the two questions separate.

At each point I have the same data as I had in the previous question:

c:  an integer from 1-5 specifiying which differential equation was used to calculate the z value at this point (this information shold be represented by different coloured vectors)

x: this is just the x position of the data point

y: this is just the y position of the data point

den1 := (1/2)*((2+x^2)*sqrt(4+x^2)+2*sqrt(4+x^2)*cos(t*sqrt(4+x^2)*tau/`ℏ`)+sqrt(4+x^2)*(cos(t*x*tau/`ℏ`))(2+(2+x^2)*cos(t*sqrt(4+x^2)*tau/`ℏ`))+x*(4+x^2)*sin(t*x*tau/`ℏ`)*sin(t*sqrt(4+x^2)*tau/`ℏ`))/(4+x^2)^(3/2)


den2 := 4*cos((1/2)*t*x*tau/`ℏ`)^2*sin((1/2)*t*sqrt(4+x^2)*tau/`ℏ`)^2/(4+x^2);


den3 := 4*sin((1/2)*t*x*tau/`ℏ`)^2*sin((1/2)*t*sqrt(4+x^2)*tau/`ℏ`)^2/(4+x^2);

Also g1 and g2 are costants. I need the expression of  T,that solves the equation,  in function of  x1, P, g1, g2 because later I've to use this expression in Fortran. However I find some mistakes in the equation. The correct equation is funz=0


I'm using maple to optimize a certain problem. I have two matrices, A and B both of size m by n. Now I want to maximize alpha(a scalar) such that Bx>=alpha*Ax for arbitrary x. So I gave maple the following problem: input:=evalm(A&*X): > output:=evalm(B&*X): > for i from 1 to m do > constraint[i]:=output[i]-alpha*input[i]>=0; > od: > Constraints:=seq(constraint[i],i=1..m); > sumconstraint:=add(x[i],i=1..n)>=10; oplos:=NLPSolve(alpha,{Constraints,somconstraint},maximize=true,assume=nonnegative); My problem is that maple sometimes can't come up with an answer and tells me:









'pv:=p2'); %The variable a is matlab variable 'm:=m');'m1:=m1');'f:=piecewise(x>=pv[i], 1/(m1), x<pv[i], 0)')´╗┐maple('r:=sum(f,i=1..m1)');



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