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I just came across an issue when solving a simple thermodynamics problem. Steam enters a turbine at 140 psia and 1000 F and expands isentropically to 2psia. When I try to determine the exit temperature, the problem occurs. If I set the units for the problem to FPS, I get the answer in F. The problem is that the numerical value is wrong. The numerical value corresponds to degree R, not F. The numerical value given is 585 F, it should be 585 R.  If I set the problem to SI units, the answer is in K. The answer given is 325 K.  I can then convert it to degree F. This way I get the correct answer.

When I try to enter units using the units palette Maple Flow 2023.1 will erase the numerical value entered. That never happened before in previous releases of Maple Flow. No problem if you enter the units yourself, the problem is when you use the units palette. What is going on? A couple of weeks ago I also posted a question about not beeing able to enter an equal sign when entering a math expression in a text region. Agai, this never happened before in previous releases of Maple Flow. What is happening? Am I doing something wrong?

Today, I trried to enter an equation into a text region using Ctrl+R (In Maple Flow 2023.1), like I have always done in previous releases of Maple Flow. Well, today it did not work. I tried to enter the equation Q=W+mCv(T2-T1). When I tried to enter the equal sign after the Q, the program would not allow me to do it. I would press the equal sign and nothing happened. I tried :=, but it would only enter the :, it would not let me enter the =. Any help will be appreciated.

I have been unable to re-size and imported image into a Maple Flow 2022.2 document. I just used my old Maple Flow 2021 and I had no problem. When I use Maple Flow 2022.2 I cannot re-size an imported image. I was able to re-size an imported image in Maple Flow 2022.1. Is it just me or has anybody else experienced the same problem? I also imported the image into Maple 2022.2 and had no problem re-sizing the image.

Is there a generalized compressibility chart in Maple?

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