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sir thanks allot for your a lot help and cooperation


it's really good for me and thanks a lot sir . can you pls told me the name of this approach means regular false method, newton method, etc

many regard sir for your help and cooperation.and the problem you fixed with the student(precalculus)is it possible to solve same problem by using a false position method? @tomleslie 

try.mw   can you please have look on this file, which I have loaded. I am trying to solve it but could not get the result. and is it possible,you'll solve this problem with(Student[NumericalAnalysis]) false position method @tomleslie 

i am trying to solve this equation but could not get the result. need help



k := .1



F := (-(288*(lambda+2*k*(1/3)-2/3))*sqrt(2)*lambda^2*arctan((1/2)*sqrt(4*lambda/(1-k)-2)*sqrt(2))/(1-k)^2-(144*(lambda+2*k*(1/3)-2/3))*Pi*lambda^2*sqrt(2)/(1-k)^2-(36*((lambda+2*k*(1/3)-2/3)*(4*lambda/(1-k)-2)+10*lambda*(1/3)+4*k*(1/3)-4/3))*sqrt(4*lambda/(1-k)-2))*(1-k)^2/(256*lambda^2)



`λ__1` := 0



`λ__2` := 1



tol := 0.10e-3



for j do p := evalF([Line([`&lambda;__1`, F(`&lambda;__1`)], [`&lambda;__2`, F(`&lambda;__2`)])][5]); if abs(F(p)) < tol then break elif F(p) > 0 then `&lambda;__2` := p else `&lambda;__1` := p end if end do; root = p, residual = F(p)

Error, invalid subscript selector


root = p, residual = 0.3164062500e-2*(-355.5555555*(lambda(p)-.6000000000)*2^(1/2)*lambda(p)^2*(arctan((1/2)*(4.444444444*lambda-2)^(1/2)*2^(1/2)))(p)-558.5053607*(lambda(p)-.6000000000)*lambda(p)^2*2^(1/2)-36*((lambda(p)-.6000000000)*(4.444444444*lambda(p)-2)+(10/3)*lambda(p)-1.200000000)*(4.444444444*lambda(p)-2)^(1/2))/lambda(p)^2





Download try.mw


I really appreciated your help, can you pls explain this command 

  ( odetest
    ( genSol, [ode, bc])[2..3],
    [_C1, _C2]

why you are taking [2,3] or its meaning


when i replaceabove command i could get an error

dear sir many thanks I have little confusion can you explain the second portion of your answer by talking some second order ode with BCS.

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