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@acer Is it possible to check the residual error at once for the above file that you corrected... There are nine results and I am checking one by one by putting

evalf(eval(F, x = 0.009501474277))

@acer Thanks, sir, i was doing a mistake while use unapply to expression F.

@mmcdara Thanks, sir, for the help. Can you please explain a little bit for better understanding. Why did you calculate the minimum or maximum? or what is purpose of this line, hi := plottools:-transform((x, y) -> [x, y, minimum*1.2]):

@mmcdara I am increasing entries from 6 to 9, but I do not understand what is wrong with my file. Even your file is working properly.


@mmcdara , When I increasing my entry means from 6 to 9, I got `[Length of output exceeds limit of 1000000], How can we deal with or fix this issue?

@mmcdara Thanks, sir, it is working accordingly. In some values like epsilon=[0.5$6] you put 6 at the end. What does that mean?

@mmcdara the answers are not same.

@C_R actually, h=1+x^2, and I am interested to computing the relation for x in terms of lambda. If explaicit solution is not possible, then is it possible to generate another expression in terms of lambda for x by taking random values of involved constants, like Br=0.2, m=1 etc.? by generatung data first and then make expression

@C_R , I need to separate the value of h as an expression in terms of other parameters. I do not want to give or suppose any numeric values to the independents, like Br, N, beta, etc

@mmcdara Thanks, sir. I am changing the initial gues in the Newton method, like x = 0.1, 0.8, 1, etc., every time the method gives me different answers. How can we assure that our roots are correct? I am thinking the answer should be the same whether you apply bisection, fsolve, or the Newton method to the given expression. Besides this, I am trying to apply a Newton procedure to my expression but have not yet gotten the answers. Can you please help in this regard as well?


@acer thanks sir, its working perfectly

@acer thanks alot sir,sir show these line according to desire position" means how can we move vertical line right or left . Similarly how can we move horizontal line upward or downword direction?

@acer thanks alot sir and you are right my commond was working for single plot but do not work for multiple lines in a sinlge graphs. Sir what does means of [2] in the commond ymin, ymax := op(plottools:-getdata(P, rangesonly)[2])

and sir is it possible to customize the both line means how can we show these line according to desire position?

@acer sir if you do not mind can you please guide about  the role of this commond and specially y in the code

r := (x,y, H, c) -> plottools:-rectangle([x-H, 0], [x+H, y], color=c):

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