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@tomleslie Thanks for your help.

@tomleslie Thanks sir.

@tomleslie Actually, I plotted a line graph for nusselt number and try to view that graph in 3-D view. I modified my sheet and still, there is output but I am not clear whether the 3D view has the same meaning as a line graph. Can you please explain why you used this f := transform((X, Y) -> [X, 0.5, Y]):


@mmcdara I found your answer and read it too and it seems good but  I solved my ODE by using another method(series solution) and then combining. I accepted my mistake and if  you accept my fault then the response to my query. 

@tomleslie Thank you sir for your help. Would you please suggest some bok which have maple codes for ODEs and PDEs? last change.....Is it possible to generate or write loop at the end for an error table between numeric and analytic solutions? 

The value I am interested to use is We=0.1, Br=0.3,x=0, k=0.1, Q=00.5617, and lambda=0.0095.

Table as a reference or example

@tomleslie How to copy long expressions from one maple worksheet to other? Actually, when I copy my analytic solution from one maple sheet to another it misses some terms which is why the solution is not justifying each other.

Now I pasted the whole expression and the sheet is running successfully but the compression graph is not displaying.

Pls have worksheet


I deleted that file due to some wrong information in the worksheet that I uploaded. I am correcting my worksheet and the reupload my questions

@mmcdara Thank you for your reply. actually, I want to draw the graph for 3 different values of k as I mentioned in my original worksheet. Besides this, is it possible we label only two independent variable like u and y in the graph, not the third one? 

@tomleslie  Thank you Professor, can you please send me you email?


sir it seem little bit ok but I am afraid from the title of each plot that in ist plot you used the value of k=0.1,0.3,0.5,0.7,0.9 but the value of Q=0.1645 and lambda=0.0096 means that just changes the value of k but Q and lamda remain fixed??

similarly in second plot for k=0.1,0.3,0.5,0.7,0.9 and the value of Q=0.4392 and lambda=0.0093. while in both case, fixed the value of We=0.1, Br=0.3 and x=0.

The Idea that I want to apply here  is 

for k=0.1, the corresponding value of Q=0.5617 and lambda=0.0096, k=0.3 the corresponding value of Q=0.4392 and lambda=0.0010, for k=0.5 the corresponding value of Q=0.2564 and lambd=0.0093, for k=0.7 the corresponding value Q=0.1645 and lambda=0.0075, and for k=0.9, the corresponding value of Q=0.0659 and lambda=0.0031.

So, these 5 curve want to plot in one plot. Beside the value of We=0.1, Br=0.3 and x=0 remain fixed.

Sir, can you please add little explaination of the code to understand it.

Hopefully, I cleared the idea that i want to plot and thanks alot your help.

@tomleslie thnak you for great help

@tomleslie thank you for help. The code is almost according to desire but is it possible that the upper part of the picture also look as the base portion? and how to control the orientation of the graph?


@tomleslie The code is Ok as per need. Sir let me try more about the issue 

1-Their are 25 plots, organised as 5*5. I need only on plot dnt need of 25 plots. See example below.

2- Each individaul plot contains nine curves but I required 5 curve in each curve beacuse The code have Q=[0.5617, 0.4392, 0.2564, 0.1645, 0.0659] and lambda=[0.0096, 0.0010, 0.0093, 0.0075, 0.0031], you can oberved that their are 5 values of Q and Lambda. So we draw 5 curve in plot means k=0.1,0.3,0.5,0.7,0.9.

please see the digram as a reference

@tomleslie Sir thanks for your comment and help. Can you please explain about Arrplt? please convert this command into noraml display beacuse when i copy to paste into file its looks stratched. Sir, I observed that  ploted value of Q and Lmabda are againt for k=0.1,0.3,0.5,0.7,0.9 and We=0.1,0.3,0.5,0.7,0.9 but in graph you draw for k=0.1,0.2,,,0.9.

Here is mylittle  explaining for problem, 

I want to chect the impact of k, We on theta; at x=0,and n=0, range for y=-1..1, for this the value of k =0.1,0.3,0.5,0.7,0.9 and by fixing the value of We=0.1 and the value of Br=0.3. For the the value of Q=0.5617,0.4392,0.2564,0.1645,0.0659 and λ=0.0096, 0.0010,0.0093,0.0075,0.0031.

now repeat the above step for We on theta; at x=0, Br=0.3 and n=0, range for y=-1..1 ,for this the value of  We=0.1,0.3,0.5,0.7,0.9 and by fixing the value of k=0.1 and the value of Br=0.3. For the the value of Q=0.2317,0.4392,0.6564,0.7645,0.0859 and λ=0.0196, 0.0231,0.2356,0.3575,0.5631.

@tomleslie Thanks sir

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