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Good day to all; I plot both line and 3d graphs for my relation. How can we justify that line graphs and 3d graphs have the same meaning? or how can we justify each other? is there any other way to show the view of a line graph in a 3d?


Good day to all, I am looking for help regarding the change of style of the graph rather than a simple solid line and how the comparison of the numeric solution of the ode with the analytical solution through. I have drawn a graph for numeric solutions for different values of k and am now interested in showing the compression of the graph of the solutions for the same value of k. pls have a worksheet for detail, and as a reference, please see the picture.

Is it possible to generate or write a loop at the end for an error table between numeric and analytic solutions? 

The value I am interested in using ,,,, We=0.1, Br=0.3,x=0, k=0.1, Q=00.5617, and lambda=0.0095.

see table as a reference or example in below reply




Good day to all,  I have plotted a simple graph for my problem. I am trying to change this view but failed. I am attaching my maple worksheet in which I have plotted a line graph but now trying to draw a graph of that function that looks like the picture which is attached as a reference below.  



Hi senior, I am using Maple 2022 version. I am facing a issue regrading opening of maple worksheet. If connected with wifi then maple worksheet will open and work properly, while i disconnected the internet, maple crashed and pop up a message to activate license again..

is their any comman to increase dpi such as 600,900 or prduced high quality graphs rather then increase or decraese in thickness of actual graph?

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