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sorry for wasting your time now it final valve of  x =1,0,-2,-3,-4 aginst I want to plot F@Carl Love 

@Carl Love i want to use the value of x =1,0,-2,-3,-4

how to the fixed the axis in the above command, i.e x=-5..3 and can you plesae purposeof this 

view= [0..nops(F)+0.5, 0..1.2*max(F)

 @Carl Love 

pls have look on my attaced maple file. I want to mention legends in the graph but failed. I tried your method pls correct me where I am dosing wrong. The original picture and the method I followed are mention at the end of the same maple file. i want to mention only one two legend k and Q in  the


A := beta*(-60*lambda*(1+(1/2)*x^2)^4+(-63*k^3+99*k^2-99*k+63)*(1+(1/2)*x^2)^3-288*Q*(k^2-(11/8)*k+1)*(1+(1/2)*x^2)^2-486*Q^2*(k-1)*(1+(1/2)*x^2)-324*Q^3)/(20*(1+(1/2)*x^2)^7)-(3*(k*(1+(1/2)*x^2)+2*Q-1-(1/2)*x^2))/(2*(1+(1/2)*x^2)^3)



opt1 := "β=0.1,Q=0.5516,λ=-0.0396,k=0.1"; opt2 := "β=0.2,Q=0.4903,λ=-0.0411,k=0.2"

opt3 := "β=0.3,Q=0.4290,λ=-0.0419,k=0.3"; opt4 := "β=0.4,Q=0.3677,λ=-0.0417,k=0.4"

opt5 := "β=0.4,Q=0.3677,λ=-0.0417,k=0.4"

N := plot([eval(A, [parse(opt1)]), eval(A, [parse(opt2)]), eval(A, [parse(opt3)]), eval(A, [parse(opt4)]), eval(A, [parse(opt5)])], x = -2 .. 2, color = [red, blue], thickness = 2)

Error, incorrect syntax in parse: `;` unexpected (near 6th character of parsed string)


B := plot([5.2, 4.7], x = -.9 .. -.4, color = [red, blue], thickness = 3)

T := plots:-textplot([[-2.9, 5.2, opt1], [-3.2, 4.7, opt2], [-3.2, 4.7, opt3], [-3.2, 4.7, opt2], [-3.2, 4.7, opt4], [-3.2, 4.7, opt5]], font = [times, 16], align = right)

plots:-display(N, B, T, scaling = constrained, size = [600, 500])

Error, (in plots:-display) expecting plot structure but received: N






plot([subs(beta = .1, Q = .5516, lambda = -0.396e-1, k = .1, A), subs(beta = .2, Q = .4903, lambda = -0.411e-1, k = .2, A), subs(beta = .3, Q = .4290, lambda = -0.419e-1, k = .3, A), subs(beta = .4, Q = .3677, lambda = -0.417e-1, k = .4, A)], x = -5 .. 5, colour = [black, red, blue, green, purple])




Download help_graph.mw

graph @Kitonum 

Thank you for your help. i used this command but I want to show inside the graph, also when I select the top or right side the picture become more compress which is not looked good. I want to draw like I posted the picture@Kitonum 

Thank you for your help out. can you please guide me on how to mention the lambda horizontally and t vertically@acer 

 can you please upload maple file with example @Madhukesh J K 

@rlopez sir can you ls upload your maple file with the newton method that you did.

@acer basically this problem is related to my research. i want to mention the name of method that we used to compute the valve of lambda. so can you pls mention the name of the method that you used to obtain the valve of lambda


can you pls explain it little. and why you are taking digits 16? what does it means and is it possible to solve with regula falsi position method 


what is the value of C1? for more detail I uploaded the picture of my problem in the above mention comments, please have look at it.


ok, I am waiting.  pls, help me to solve my problem. I try this problem for a couple of days.

@Preben Alsholm thank you very much for your support and time.

@nm  this the solution of the problem. the difference is that I want to change boundary condition that is mention mention in my maple file

i am attaching two picture pls have a look, basically, i want to solve this equation mention in equation 22 to 24@nm 

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