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@Carl Love 

Thank you for the reply.

What you mentioned makes perfect sense for simple shapes like a star but i also want to be able to do other shapes/pix that can only be brought as picture files. That's why I want to know how this is possible by using JPEG images.

Thank you

Thanks for the reply,

Here is a full example.

You basically have a 2D plot. Just like you can place TEXT anywhere on the plot by specifying what the Text is and the location for it, font, color, textsize, etc. I want to be able to insert images there as well such as the stars in this photo attached. So I need a way to insert a cerain image, with a certain size, at a certain location. Be able to insert as many images on the plot and so on. 

Hope this explains it. Any help would be appreciated.




Thanks for the quick reply but is it possible to do it in a more flexible way?

Just like you can add a whole bunch of textplots all over a plot, I wanna be able to add stars (or images) at different locations. The background is a neat workaround but it is just a background for the entire plot. Maybe there is a way to display several plots WITHIN each other and each plot is an empty plot with simply a Start Background and all the miniplots can be placed at any desired location o a bigger plot?

Thanks again

@Carl Love 


You are the MAN :)


Thanks for the reply. What you have looks exactly like what I want:)

But there is a small problem. When i copy your code, or even when i open the file you attached and run it, it looks different from some reason. I am using Maple 2016, not sure if that makes a difference?


Thank you.

I just think Method 4 should be the default since these are the answers that you would get with any calculator, software, or even by hand using the common stats formulas.

@Carl Love 

Any stats textbook in the world would give you 2.5 as Q1 and 6.5 as Q3 so I don't get how the default setting for just going Quartile(List,1) would not give you 2.5.  

Even using a simple scientific calculator, let alone Ti-83/84 or Minitab would give you the right answers right away.

I have been using Maple for many years for Pre-Calc and Calculus and it was very strong and didn't have many issues. Recently started using it for Stats and already running into problems.



Q1 should be 2.5

Q2 (which is the median) should be 4.5, which is close enough to what Maple gives

Q3 should be 6.5

Q1 and Q3 are far off

@Thomas Richard 

It's Maple 2016

Attached is the exact situation.

Here is the text as well:

L := [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8];

with(Statistics); Quartile(L, 1);

Answer should be 2.5 but Maple is giving 2.4166666666



Thank you perfect. Exactly what I needed:)



Thanks for the help. This actually solves most of the problem but not the entire problem. These quotations won't really work if the value under the square root is a calculated value and not just a set value such as a 4 or a 9.

a:=3: b:=5: sqrt(a-b);

How can I make this actually display the square root of -2. It keeps giving me I then sqrt of 2.

Using all the quotation suggestions you gave me won't work either becuase it will actually give a and b there not the -2.



Will give this a try thanks:)

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