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So I have a problem when copying multiple output from Maple to Word. I am using a simple example here. 

When I copy each part of the output as an image SEPERATELY, it comes out much cleaner than if I highlight everything together and then copy. Is there a reason this is the case and is there a way to fix this problem?

Here is the Maple Code:

ttt1 := textplot([0, 1, "3  +  5  =  __", color = "black", font = ["Arial", "bold", 120]]);
display(ttt1, size = [1000, 200], axes = none);
ttt1 := textplot([0, 1, "1  +  3  =  __", color = "black", font = ["Arial", "bold", 120]]);
display(ttt1, size = [1000, 200], axes = none);

I also uploaded the Maple Worksheet

Here is the output:

There are TWO imges in the output in this example. I tried copying both together and pasting them, and then I tried copying them individually. The output is very different in quality.

The one copied alot is much cleaner once copied and pasted in Word. Does anyone why this is happening? I don't want to have to copy images individally for obvoius reasons. I know this example is only two images but what if there was alot more, etc.

Thank you


with(plottools); with(plots); ttt1 := textplot([0, 1, "3  +  5  =  __", color = "black", font = ["Arial", "bold", 120]]); display(ttt1, size = [1000, 200], axes = none); ttt1 := textplot([0, 1, "1  +  3  =  __", color = "black", font = ["Arial", "bold", 120]]); display(ttt1, size = [1000, 200], axes = none)





U1 := Read("C:/Users/S/Desktop/StarPicture.jpg"):

ttt0 := textplot([0 + 0.5, (5 + 0) - 0.5, " Star ", color = "blue", font = ["times", "roman", "bold", 40]]):
display(ttt0, U1, axes = none, size = [400, 160]);

This is the error I get:

Error, (in plots:-display) cannot display array with other plots

I can see Maple doesn't allow adding images to plots. But is there a way around that?

I want to be able to virtually have a white box that I can add plots to such as curves, text, and images at certain locations etc? I want to do that with actual Maple code in the worksheet, without having to mouse-clicking Menu, insert, etc.


Hi there,

I updated to Maple 2022 recently. One problem I am facing is how after I write the code and get the output, which can be text or equations or plots, etc, when I try to copy it to MS Word for example, I don't have the option of "Copy as Image" anymore. This option was available in previous versions. So was it taken out in this version? If yes, what's a subtitue for that?

I am using Maple for a school project and need to be able to copy the 2D output to MS Word just like the previous versions of Maples did.



How can I draw a "regular looking" histogram where all the bars adjacent to each other?

I tried looking into the options for histograms with no luck. I included a picture of what kind of output I am looking for.

Thanks in advance.



the quartile function gives the wrong answers.

list := [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8]

Q1 does NOT come back as 2.5 as it should, nor does Q3. I get these weird decimals.

I looked at the help for it but wasn't helpful. All the examples in the help are super complicated. No simple examples like the one I mentioned here.


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