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Hi there, fellow primers, it's good to be back after almost 5 years! I just want to share a worksheet on Numerov's algorithm in Maple using procedures as I've recently found out that google could not find any Maple procedure that implements Numerov's algorithm to solve ODEs.   Reference.pdf 

Almost a couple of years ago,my quantum mechanics II course teacher was talking about the importance of diagonalizable matrices.Near the end of that lengthy class I was losing my attention & at that time he was talking about finding the diagonalization using Mathematica,but I was not sure.However,since I didn't/don't use Mathematica,I was trying to find the command to diagonalize a given matrix in Maple.I was using maple 13 then & I found a command  called "DiagonalMatrix(...

This is not a question about any technical problem with Maple.I'm not even sure that is it a question or a post.Since I'm asking something inside it,I consider it as a question.I'm sorroy that it is too long.


In scientific computing(computational physics/chemestry/biology/enginnering),which needs a large amount of data to manipulate and then simulate,some high level programming languages(HLL) are used.

Different fields have different language of choice...

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