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I've given this problem (not exactly in this form though- therefore this is not giving the same problem again) in this forum months ago, and got a valuable suggestion.

Now, I want to take a different approach for the solution, I want to use root finding (say, fsolve ). Can anybody please tell me why the fsolve isn't working, how I can fix it ?

If possible, please send me a worksheet.  

The problem is -------  

Why Maple can't solve ? The reason would be enough, if nobody can solve.





I want the solution of an ODE for different values of d say d=3,4,5,6... etc (see the mw file). I want to plot a(t) vs t for these different values of d.

Now what is wrong with my code ?  How to fix it ? 

I also  added a Mathematica work of the same thing (see the pdf) ,...

 I want to find the Christoffel symbols and Ricci tensors for a generalized metric in cartesian coordinates.

I stated my problem in this pdf file in detail. 


Thanks in advance.

PS: I heard from somebody(doesn't use Maple) that Maxima can "certainly"...

I use gnuplot to generate graphs in C++.Now we all know that in C++,we  just pass a text file to gnuplot,tell it to plot the text file.

Now,in Maple I want to do the similar thing,like this:

Suppose I have some single variable function/procedure,say of x

then I can write a loop say,

for 0 to 100 by 0.01 do



With this I can see the output.Now if I want the plot of f(x) vs x,then how can I say it to Maple?

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