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Partial rectification for the Physics:-Simplify and Physics:-Library:-SortProducts procedures dealing with Fermi annihilation/creation operators

This post will be useful for physicists dealing with Fermi annihilation/creation operators. Physics Package provides plenty of powerful tools for quantum operators handling, however some of them often fail to render correct result.  In particular incorrect behaviour with respect to Fermi annihilation/creation operators is observed for routines Simplify and SortProducts.  In this post I present my procedures S*implifyFermionicOperators and SortProductsFermi which partially solve these issues.

Problems with Physics Package routines


Short explanation of custom routines SimplifyFermionicOperators and SortProductsFermi


"Details for SimplifyFermionicOperators(z,prefix)"


"Details for SortProductsFermi(x,L,prefix)"


Weak points


Final notes




Sorry for posting my appeal here but it is the only guarantee that it will be read by the Developer. I'd like to pay your attention that there is no possibility to copy and paste a piece of code directly from the Maple worksheet to the body of message in Mapleprimes. The copied piece of code from Maple is pasted into message box in Mapleprimes as an image! So every...

My system: Windows 8 x64, Maple 17.01 x64.

After launching Maple we have a process maple.exe (C:\Program Files\Maple 17\jre\bin\maple.exe) that consumes approximately 80MB.

We run the following piece of code:

>for i to 1000 do
>end do;

After running for the first time of this code the process maple.exe consumes 100.5MB
After second running of this code the process maple.exe consumes 111.6MB
third running --- 122.4MB

What do you think about spliting of single worksheet where code and results are placed into two separate worksheets where code and results of computation are placed separately?

Thank you.

Try to run the following:

>d := conjugate(u)*conjugate(y)+conjugate(v)*conjugate(x);
>z := conjugate(f)/d+conjugate(G)*w*conjugate(w)*conjugate(y)/d;
>z2 := simplify(z);

and you will get correct answer

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