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These are questions asked by Andriy

Hi all

I need your advice on Maple usage after a long break. I installed Maple on my laptop and first of all tried to launch my old program. Surprisingly, the old file opened. While the core Maple functionality remained familiar, the user interface had undergone some changes.

Yet, I soon encountered challenges when attempting to perform even the simplest operations, like file browsing or text selection; the Maple Standard GUI seemed uncharacteristically sluggish.  I switched to Maple Input mode but it didn't help much. Are there ways to improve my experience with Maple? Is it caused by the outdated hardware?

My system:
Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS
Dell Inc. Latitude 5510 (1TB SSD, 32GB RAM).

Maybe it works much better on Windows?

Thank you for any suggestions.

There is some kind of strange behaviour with copying/pasting maple code from IDE to some text editor. Namely, the code collapses into one long line in text editor. Is it OK with Maple IDE?

Does Maple have a variable containing the directory (path) of current working file?

Thank  you.

I encountered with a problem in understanding of structured types. I test following structured types:

the result is



I cannot understand two last results as I expected to receive trues. Could you explain me the result?
Thank you.

A code appropriate for copy/pase along with short problem solution is presented below

`type/A1`:={integer, rational};
`type/A2`:=integer or rational; #  it matchs the expressions that literally contain `or` (see @Carl Love's
answer below)
`type/A3`:=OR(integer, rational); # `Or` should be used rather then `OR` (see @acer's
answer below)

type(x, A1);
type(x, A2);
type(x, A3);

I am trying to extract the terms that are a product of a commutative part and an operator part from the input expression. That is I am trying to extract a terms like a*A.B where A and B are quantum pperators.

I am trying to do it by creating corresponding structured type:

Physics[Setup](op = {A, B}, quiet);

`type/ProdComOp` := `&*`(commutative, specfunc(anything, Physics:-`*`));
z0 := u*A.B-A+k*B+B.A.B+g;
z1 := z0+v*A.B.A;
S1 := indets(z1, ProdComOp);

and all it is Ok. The result is 
But if

z2 := z0-v*A.B.A; 
S2 := indets(z2, ProdComOp);

however I expected to receive the same as S1.

How to handle the sign of the commutative part? Thank you.

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