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I've made a worksheet (updated)in which I'm timing a program (GTS2) because it sometimes takes a long time to run, and I am not interested in timing the cases where it takes an exceptionally long time to run I've created a timer function that runs GTS2 through timelimit.

timelimit(20, GTS2(H, F, Na, Nd))

this should run the function for 20 seconds, and then stop it if it overruns, before returning that the whole function ( GTS2timer2  ) has taken 20 seconds.

On line 3.3 GTStimer2 is run with two sets of inputs which give a runtime >40s. My guess is that the 20+ extra seconds that the operation takes are spent running solve which is called in GTS, and I expect i can solve the problem by putting solve in the timelimit function directly (if i'm wrong about this please tell my why).

My question is why timelimit isn't able to stop GTS after 20 seconds.


Playing around with the worksheet the morning after I made it the case that was running for 40+s is now giving the error

Error, (in factor/diophant) time expired

My guess is that as it is stopping the solve in GTS2  needs a try/catch of its own. Any idea how to make that work? 

I was making a maple worksheet (out of functions from another), when i noticed that  execution groups and new execution groups that i was making were not showing an output.  I'm wondering why this happens, and how it can be fixed.

in more detail there are 4  [> groups of commands, the first two give the correct output when i hit enter, however, if enter is pressed on any group of commands after the second the command wont return the any output.

I believe this is a formatting issue that comes from the way i cut/paste and edited the previous worksheet down to this, but i'd like to understand so i can avoid it happening again.

Ahh, this is a teathing problem, I had been using writeto so i could store measurements of RAM; this changes the nature of the question.

How do you implement writeto so only some things are sent there? (in the case of this worksheet the output of GTS2usage

Using spacecurve I've created a diagram of two curves in space, they are reflections in the plane x=y (in this diagram they are labeled k[a1]=k[a2]). How can I add the plane to the diagram?

My intuition is to use 3dplot, and then combine them with display. The problem with that is that 3d plot wants a function of the form z=f(x,y) rather than x=y.

(here is the code for the diagram)

spacecurve({[(5*10^(-4)*100)/C[T], 100*10^(-3)/C[T], C[T]], [100*10^(-3)/C[T], (5*10^(-4)*100)/C[T], C[T]]}, C[T] = 10 .. 100, labelfont = [TIMES, 32], axesfont = [TIMES, 32], titlefont = [TIMES, 32], captionfont = [TIMES, 32], labels = [conjugate(k)[a1], conjugate(k)[a2], conjugate(C)[T]], tickmarks = [[0.1e-2 = k[a1], 5*10^(-3) = 5*k[a1], 10^(-2) = 10*k[a1]], [0.1e-2 = k[a1], 5*10^(-3) = 5*k[a1], 10^(-2) = 10*k[a1]], [0 = 0, 10 = (1/10)*C[T], 50 = (1/2)*C[T], 100 = C[T]]], view = [0 .. 0.1e-1, 0 .. 0.1e-1, 0 .. 100])

I have a polynomial in the variables ya[i] and yd[i] where i are integers. I want to divide each of the coefficients by the 'shortest' coeficient. What i mean by that is the coefficient that is going to cause me the least trouble when i later do things with groebner bases of on the coefficients - I expect a good proxy for that is the one that has the smallest number of terms.

For example, for the polynomial:


2*k[a1]*k[d1] is the shortest monomial coefficient


I have a program that produces lists of polynomails in multiple variables; I want to remove any polynomials that have the variable x[i] where i is a number.

An example list would be:

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