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The print layout mode shows the same thing as in the print, probably I'd take that as a good sign.

There is one thing regarding an image in the header though. I haven't managed to get the header use an image file which is stored in the workbook. Images on our server just show up when you define them, not when the file is opened afterwards (didn't check that properly I have to admit).

Regarding Word, I just wanted to check how the layout is in comparison when I use the same font with the same font size. In addition I've also entered the exactly same logo which I also used in Maple.

Here's the test file. I don't think it would run if you calculate it, as it needs a library. But you can use it for printing tests.


As far as I can see the problem with printing to pdf in Maple still isn't solved.

Here's a screenshot showing the problem. All graphical elements, regardless of if they are images or Maple components are much too big in the print.

@Thomas Richard 

Sounds very good, but it is not very easy to get this information. That explains why I just got 1 warning regarding log4j, which might be an old installation of something. 

The copyright section of Maple Help 2023.2 shows Apache log4j still mentioned, though now in the 2.17.1 version, which Bitdefender ranks as safe.

By the way, the original post is here:

The IT responsible who introduced the Bitdefender would be the same who introduced Maple, which again is the same writing those lines.

Regarding security risk, the explanation about why those specific versions are a threat is quite extensive in Bitdefender, and should be taken serious. As an example I just post one screenshot.

Regarding Maple, I have raised the question about updates of Open Source software previously (in connection with the log4j case), but didn't get any answer.

So again - which policy does Maple have regarding updates to unsecure Open Source libraries?

I've got App Vulnerabilities for those Apache Software apps.

  • Apache Software Foundation Commons Text 1.9
  • Apache Software Foundation log4j 1.2
  • Apache Software Foundation Commons Collections 3.2.1

Unfortunately I haven't found out where those apps are used yet.

And I don't know which versions Maple is using, I'm just referring to the Maple Help - copyright, where versions are listed. If you follow the link in the copyright page, you'll find that there are newer versions available.

Glad that this finally fixed in 2023.2.

Same error for max() by the way.


I do not have any overview about where I am using the min() function in my code, and neither have the intention to search for it either.

I have one occurence where I experienced the crash, and have removed loading the units package in that case. This package is dealing with xml input- and output, and it seems to work without the units package. Almost all of the other packages need the Units package.

The only feasible workaround here is reinstalling Maple 2023 and drop the update. But that's no good solution either, because the would need to be done on all of the PC's in the office.

In my opinion Maple either should pull the Update at once, or provide a fix asap.


Right now there are no other things I am aware of, but I have not checked the other stuff that was fixed in the last releases either. So there might have been other things which are not working anymore in the latest release.

I've had couple of posts about the same thing over the last couple of years, and honestly speaking my patience is not as good as it was in the beginning.

Here are some examples:


@Joe Riel 

Thanks for the information.

I've struggled a bit when mixing elements that used draw and other elements that were lists of graphic elements in a list.

I'm using it to switch elements/layers in a graphics on and off.

Here's part of the code that deals with the plotting.

geometryList := [op(geometryList), op(segmentlist)];
beams := convert(beams, list);
plotitems := [op(beams)];

if GetProperty("CheckBox_GraphicsShowAnnotations", value) = "true" then
               plotitems := [op(plotitems), op(annotations)]
end if;
if GetProperty("CheckBox_GraphicsShowDistances", value) = "true" then
                plotitems := [op(plotitems), op(distances)]
end if;
if GetProperty("CheckBox_GraphicsShowForces", value) = "true" then
                plotitems := [op(plotitems), op(displayForceVectors)]
end if;            
SetProperty("Plot_result", value, display(geometry:-draw(geometryList), plotitems));

As you see, plotitems is a list of graphic elements that can be expanded. What I haven't managed to do is putting the geometryList elements, where elements that need to be called by the draw command, to the list as well.

It's no big deal, as I could go around the problem in that case.


Somehow I got confused by the names of the variables I chose, thanks for the example.

Works actually as expected.


...spending the rest of the day in the corner of shame.


Have a look at that one.


That was not the whole code of the procedure - here it is.

Segment2Arrow := proc(segm)
    uses geometry;
    description "Annotation dimension";
    local a, b, c;

        a := map(coordinates, DefinedAs(segm))[1];
        b := map(coordinates, DefinedAs(segm))[2];
    catch "wrong type of arguments":
        Alert(cat("Error, (in geometry:-DefinedAs) wrong type of arguments, variable segm: ", whattype(segm), segm), table(), 5)
    end try;
    c := (a + b) / 2;
    return plots:-arrow(c, [a - c, b - c], width = 0.5, color = grey)
end proc:

@Rouben Rostamian  

I've had a look at the arrow(s) functions, but they do seem to have just an arrowhead at one end. Didn't see anything where I could define arrows in both ends.

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