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Here's a little extension to your code.

When doing the same thing in a Maple Code attachment, the characters used is 216.

This one is connected to

Which also leads to the problem that you can't compare strings from the Maple Code attachment, and components or variables from the main code.

Same thing as discussed in this thread?

There are apparently different ways to get this character in addition. shows 3 more methods, and all of them seem to work.

  • Ø
  • Ø
  • Ø

I've actually posted that one as a wishlist for 2021 as well.

Don't do that, Maple hasn't thought about that problem yet.

See that post:


...which again proves, that there isn't anything that could be called stupid question.


substring actually gives the same result, and here there is no reference to the same limitation.



a := "Øyeblikk"



SubString(a, 2 .. ())



SubString(a, 1 .. ())



SubString(a, 3 .. ())



substring(a, 2 .. ())







Either I am blind or I don't see it.


A yes to the first question, a maybe to the second.

Are you referring to something specific?


I didn't catch the meaning of the first sentence.

Could you post a modified code?

Filed Technical Request on this one.

Here's a comparision between the Maple layout and the Print Preview.

  • Text in components fixed sized, or changeable?
  • Table size for A4 long max. 500 points
  • But size between image and table changes between Maple on screen and Print Preview

Couldn't find anything useful, so I filed a Software Change Request.

It should be possible to scale print to page width, or something similar.

Apparently logical expressions with < or > don't work either when one of the values is zero, and the other one a unit.



@acer Thanks, exactly what I wanted.

Found out that the answer to that question is, that I should stick to the procedures provided (AddAttribute, AddChild).

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