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I've been trying to work out an algebraic expression for the following summation

S[n,t] = Sum(factorial(k)/factorial(k+t), k = 0 .. n-1), entered as S[n,t]:=sum(f,k=0..n-1); (with f:=k!/(k+t)!;)

I entered the above Maple expression into Maple (13) just so I could check out some small example summations I had. Maple's arithmetic, accuracy and speed is much superior to mine!...

I've been using LagrangeMultipliers to solve a problem. Solutions returned involve RootOf.

What I want to do is extract the expression within RootOf() so that I can do fsolve() on that.

The expr from RootOf is a 6th order polynomial in _Z.

I've tried convert(RootOf(...), radical), but it doesn't work very well on polyhnomials of order greater than or equal 5.

Any suggestion(s) for this extraction that I want ?

Is there a function or procedure within Maple (v13) that will return the highest power of a polynomial?


Related to this, how do I determine the error return value from coeff(a,x,i) ?



I have a set of data. The number of times an event occurred each day. So my data set looks like, [[daynum, numevents]] == [[1,3],[2,1],[3,5],...] where daynum is the day number, and numevents is the number of times an event occurred that day. What I want to do is plot these like a histogram, or barchart, or column graph (I'm not very good at stats, so I may not know what I'm talking about here) - anyway, something like that - with daynum on the horizontal axis and numevents on the vertical axis. And the numevent should be a tall rectangle with height = numevent value.
I can insert a table from the Insert menu > Table ..., and I can modify all its properties etc. But is there any way I can "populate" a table with data? Say, for example, this table, on p.167 of my set book,"richardson's+extrapolation+with+five+terms"+"advanced+mathematical+methods+with+maple"&source=bl&ots=ngJbnsw304&sig=D7yj31K_CMLwtvBWo62MXph0qBY&hl=en&ei=KzgWSvu9Gca5jAf2lsX_DA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1#PPA167,M1
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